March 19

ICYMI: Travis Tritt’s New Record Deal with Big Noise Music Group

To all that have followed Travis Tritt’s music, the long wait will soon come to an end as the country music icon has closed a new record deal with the Big Noise Music Group. Travis is also preparing to release his newest album that would be produced by Dave Cobb.

Travis Tritt feels excited about the new partnership with Dave Cobb and with the Big Noise Group. He also added that he is looking forward to promoting the album with the new team on his side.

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Big Noise Music Group president, John Cohen said that working with Travis Triit was an honor. Cohen didn’t really realize that working with Travis would be a possibility for his team. He also added that the label has worked with several outstanding artists but Travis is not just any other artist. Cohen described Travis as a legend and an innovator. He’s a perfect fit in their roster.

Tritt is the first country artist who signed up for the label. The Big Noise Music Group’s roster is filled with great artists that specialize in different genres like urban, alternative and pop. The icon of country music will be joining fellow artists such as Ashley Tisdale, DJ Holiday, New Politics and several others.

Alongside his partnership with The Big Noise Music Group is Tritt’s collaboration with Dave Cobb as his producer. Dave Cobb is not a new figure when it comes to producing country music. Dave has previously worked with country music artists such as Chris Stapleton, Highwomen and Sturgill Simpson. Tritt’s album, “Homegrown” in 2019 was released under Cobb. The album featured a set of live recordings of his greatest hits from a concert in Augusta, Ga.

Recently, Tritt has joined Lynyrd and Skynyrd on a tour that would be followed by consecutive shows with Brooks and Dunn beginning in May. Tritt was also featured on the debut single of Hot Country Knights titled “Pick Her Up.” He was also in another single by the Cadilac Three’s “Hard Out Here for a Country Boy.” 

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Deadly Crash

On May 18, 2019, Tritt’s Tour Bus was involved in a deadly crash along the Veteran’s Highway. This involved a pick-up truck who went head-on with a Jeep that was driving the wrong way.

Unfortunately, the driver and the passenger in the pick-up truck did not survive the crash. Travis Tritt took to Twitter to share the details of the experience.

Tritt said in a post that he and his team were fortunately unharmed. The country music icon also expressed his sadness with what happened. The damages on the bus could be fixed but the lives lost were irreplaceable.

Tritt also reminded his fans and followers that drunk driving is never cool. As he ended his post, Tritt thanked God that he and his team were not hurt.

Tritt’s Musical Style

Travis Tritt has grown to be considered among today’s country music’s legends. Tritt has been singing and performing since boyhood, but it was not until his visit to an African-American church that he learned to put “a little more soul” in his music.

This is Tritt’s innovation: applying all the bends, sweeps and curls in his voice. Besides gospel music, his other influences came were the music of Andrae Crouch and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s southern rock genre.

Garth Brooks described Tritt as the only country artist that never wore a cowboy hat, and his music was the only one that dips into the bluesy Southern Rock genre.

Zell Miller added that Tritt is one of the artists that is able to walk the narrow path of combining his country heritage with his leaning to rock music.

Tritt was also asked about his songwriting choices and inspirations. Tritt said that he strictly writes from his own personal experiences and that he does not have a single formula in writing a specific single.


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