March 27

Sturgill Simpson Hints on What to Expect from his Next Album

Avid fans and followers of Sturgill Simpson, be on the lookout because his new album is going to drop anytime soon. Do you think his upcoming release will be much like his previous ones, High Top Mountain and Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, which hugely display his roots? While waiting, let’s have quick recall of the singer’s recent activities to see if we can get some insights about his coming album.

Sturgill Simpson, what to expect from his upcoming album, Oh Sarah
Photo credit: Sturgill Simpson Society/Facebook Page

Sturgill Simpson’s Appearance on the I Love You, America Show

Prior to the Thanksgiving celebration in November last year, Simpson appeared as a guest on Sarah Silverman’s Hulu exclusive show. The singer performed a song called “Oh Sarah,” a song he wrote about his wife. Later, he had a brief talk with the show’s host about his now scandalous busking set. The show took place outside of the CMA Awards in 2017 and was streamed live on Facebook. Silverman was among the various personalities who tuned in to his show as it happens.

“It’s a sales convention,” Simpson said about the set.

To this, Silverman added,

“Country is being Outlaw, being badass, telling the truth, being raw!”

Simpson then stressed out what he’s merely focusing on right now. That is creating his own music. He even added his realization about what’s really happening in the music industry at present.

“Whether it’s the American Music Awards, the Grammy Awards, all these things exist to sustain the music business,” Simpson said. “It has little to do with the artists being recognized.

The singer also considered the industry’s failure to recognize his efforts as a blessing because it led him to other opportunities.

They’ve made it very clear they want nothing to do with me. I see it as a blessing now really, because there’s all these other avenues and paths that quote/unquote ‘country’ musicians may be on.”

On His Upcoming Album

During the interview, Simpson shared some insights in his next project that is about to drop after a year in the making.

“It’s definitely not a country record. I can’t question these things. You can’t question these things. You’ve just got to put art on your timeline first, and all the other shit really doesn’t matter I guess is what I’ve come to see and realize.”

Now that we’ve heard it straight from him that his next record is certainly not country, what could it be then? Pop? Rock and Roll? Well, it’s for all of us to find out once the album is officially released. You can also check his website for updates.

For now, let’s watch his brief performance of “Oh Sarah” on Sarah Silverman’s show.


Sturgil Simpson

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