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WATCH: “Picture” Perfect Duet of Kid Rock and Martina McBride

Kid Rock has been a household name in the music industry with several hit song collections under his belt. But Kid Rock’s greatest hit could arguably be his hit single “Picture” released in 2002.

“Picture” was featured as the fourth single in Rock’s album “Cocky.” The song earned Rock a major chart success. It peaked at the 21st spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts, the 4th on the Billboard Hot 100 and 2nd on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.

Raw Picture

Before the song became “Picture” perfect, Kid Rock had to undergo several conflicts before the single could be released. One of them was his duet partner. Originally, Rock planned to do the song’s duet with Sheryl Crow. Unfortunately, Crow’s label denied Rock’s request to release the recording. As a result, Rock had to find a replacement for Crow. Rock then chose country singer, Allison Mooner to sing Crow’s part in the song. Mooner was also the one featured in the official version of “Picture.”

Radio stations, however, chose to play the version which featured Crow. It didn’t cause much confusion though. Listeners became accustomed to hearing Rock performing “Picture” with different duet partners.

In the following years, Kid Rock teamed up with several notable female country singers for a duet of “Picture.” This included Rock’s collaboration with Miranda Lambert and LeAnn Rimes.

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow Picture
Smiley Morning Show

Kid Rock and Martina McBride’s ‘Picture’ Duet

Rock did also collaboration with Country singer, “Martina McBride” who performed with Rock at the CMA Music Fest in 2009.

The performance started with Rock sitting on a stool. Rock went on to sing his part of the song, but with an empty stool beside him. The audience was held in suspense until after Rock finished singing his part. He then revealed his duet partner.

“There’s only two words that would describe class, beauty, and talent. Martha McBride.”

As McBride walks out onto the stage, roars and applause erupted. McBride took her seat beside Rock to join him in an intimate presentation of “Picture.” As expected from another Country queen, McBride’s voice captivated and blew away the crowd including Rock himself. Rock just did a simple gesture of placing his hand on his chest signifying his enjoyment of that moment.

More About the Song and Kid Rock

The song did feature a music style that was not a forte of Rock. He was first known for his rap-rock songs but “Picture” was widely considered as a Country song. But this wasn’t the first time that Rock ventured into doing Country music.

In 1999, Rock released his single “Only God Knows Why” which was considered as a Country ballad. The song was also the biggest hit in his debut album titled “Devil Without a Cause.” The song went to the top 19 on the Hot 100 list.

Picture” also was a contrast to Rock’s image of the redneck who’s aggressively into the raw elements of Rap. This is where the picture of Sheryl Crow comes into play. Sheryl was completely the opposite of Rock’s image which made them a good fit. A radio darling, Sheryll also cemented her legacy and name in the world of pop music. Anything that had her name on it was a true guarantee for song directors to endorse.

Rock’s Bar Temporarily Close

Recently, Kid Rock hit the headlines not because of a new hit song, but for refusing to shut down his bar in Nashville despite the order of the city mayor amidst the pandemic of Covid-19.

Nashville’s mayor, together with the City’s health office, issued the closure of the different commercial establishments in the city to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

Rock and other business owners did not heed the Mayor’s memo and refused to cancel their operations. Eventually, he and other business owners cooperated for everyone’s safety.

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