October 6

Lily Rose is Breaking New Ground in Contemporary Country

No fear.

That’s what Lily Rose is all about as she breaks new ground in contemporary country with her barrier-breaking seven-song debut album Stronger Than I Am. The project dropped last October 1 under Big Loud Records/Black Block Music and Republic Records, and it includes five previously released and critically-acclaimed tracks, two brand new songs, and a brand new music video for the title track “Stronger Than I Am.” 

Dubbed by Billboard as “a promising new talent,” Lily Rose first rose to fame in December of 2020 after she released her song “Villains.” The song’s ear-catching melody combined with vulnerable, raw, and authentic storytelling proved to be a career opener and brought her into the limelight. The reactive single caught the attention of her current label, who signed her to a joint-venture record deal just a month later. 

But being an overnight sensation was not just pure luck and timing for the artist. Lily Rose poured in 13 years of work to get to where she is right now. 

Growing up in Atlanta, she had been into music for the longest time, even teaching herself how to play the drums and the guitar. But it was only in high school that she truly found her voice. Aside from music, Lily Rose also excelled a lot in athletics, and she had to eventually choose which one of the two avenues she would take. Ultimately, she decided to do music performing sets in bars, and cover shows in the college town of Athens, Georgia, which then led to sold-out headliner shows from Atlanta to Athens going up to New York and right to the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. Her contemporary music sound adopting a futuristic 21st-century country mixed with traditional country influenced by Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban undeniably gained her a lot of listeners. 

In 2017, Lily Rose finally made her big move to Nashville. Three years later, she is on a trailblazing road to mark her name in country music not only as a musician but also as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community

Her new and very first-ever collection delivered just ten months after officially signing as a label artist rounds out the raw and vulnerable story that she has been telling through “Villain,” “Overnight,” “Sensation,” “Remind Me of You,” “Know My Way Around,” and “I Don’t Smoke.”

Lily Rose hopes that her music can help pave the way for others to feel no fear in embracing their dreams. But more importantly, she wants to highlight the importance of authenticity – truly being yourself and not looking into others to tell you who you are – and being a good person. Those two things, in addition to loving the people who give that love and support to you back, are the ingredients to achieving really good things in life.


Lily Rose

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