October 24

Christina Taylor Collaborates with Brett Kissel for a Brand New Single

Last week, the up and coming country star Christina Taylor surprised us with a stunning collaboration with an award-winning singer and songwriter. She teamed up with Juno Award winner and 14-time Canada Country Music Award (CCMA) winner Brett Kissel for her new sparkling and country-pop single “As Good As You Look.”

Christina Taylor Brett Kissel As Good As You Look
Christina Taylor teamed up with award-winning singer Brett Kissel. Press Photo.

The catchy tune and well-written lyrics were all works of art by Taylor and her team. She worked with songwriters Kelley Lovelace and Brent Anderson to write the story of love only seen from afar and what happens when it becomes real.

Check out Christina Taylor’s brand new single “As Good As You Look” here:


Taylor and Kissel’s vocals perfectly fit together. It’s like listening to a story told by two people who are in love and are perfectly in tune with one another.

Christina Taylor

Taylor is currently based in Nashville but this young artist, who has a bright future in the country music industry, was born in Florida. Her birthplace has also played a role in her making of music, together with her childhood days in North Carolina, Taylor then begins to combine R&B, reggae, pop, and country music all in one. Taylor says that her love for country music was inspired by the likes of Shania Twain, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, and Tim McGraw.

You can listen to other of her songs on Spotify, or catch her live by checking out her tour dates on her website.

Country Star Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel Christina Taylor As Good As You Look
Brett Kissel, a 14-time winner of CCMA. Press Photo.
Kissel is not new to the country music scene. He has already worked with a lot of country singers such as Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley. He had also headlined tours and sold-out shows. He is one of the biggest names in Canadian country music. He had marked himself in the industry winning numerous awards from CCMA to Juno (Canada’s country music prestigious awarding bodies). If you want to catch him live, visit his website for his date tours.


Brett Kissel, Christina Taylor

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