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5 Quick Facts You Should Know About Faith Hill

Audrey Faith Perry, better known by her stage name Faith Hill, is one of the most popular country performers of all time. And in the 1990s, her pop-country sound helped her achieve enormous global success. The mother of three has sold more than 40 million albums globally and has been honored with 15 Academy of Country Music Awards, three CMA Awards, and five Grammy Awards. With her Soul2Soul II Tour with her husband Tim McGraw in 2006, she also holds the record for one of the most successful country tours ever.

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Here are 5 facts about the Mississippi girl that you might not be aware of: 

1. She was adopted at birth.

Faith Hill‘s biological mother gave her up for adoption after she was born. Couple Ted and Edna Perry took her in. Hill found her biological mother when she was an adult, although she does not recall the meeting being particularly pleasant. 

2. Even at a young age, she had always known that she wanted to be a singer. 

When Elvis Presley performed at the Mississippi Coliseum in 1975, 7-year-old Hill was there and got to sing with the legend. She described the experience as surreal, as if she and Elvis were the only two present. After the show, that was when she first realized her desire to be a performer. She even admitted that she used to dream that she was Elvis Presley’s daughter.

3. Having a concert after a tobacco spitting contest? The worst ever.

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Faith Hill believes that the performance she gave following a tobacco spitting competition was one for the books, because it was her worst one ever. During the competition, participants shot at a tobacco spittoon on stage, with many missing their target. Hill entered the stage to perform immediately after the stage was cleaned with towels. 

4. She used to be a McDonald’s employee.

Hill started working at a McDonald’s when she was 16 years old, doing everything from serving customers to cleaning the restaurant and working the register. Before breaking into the music scene, she also had jobs selling t-shirts and managing a music publishing company. 

5. She was carrying her first child with Tim McGraw during the filming of “It’s Your Love” music video.

A lot of Faith Hill songs are considered a crowd favorite, just like her very first song with husband Tim McGraw entitled “It’s Your Love,” which was released on McGraw’s 1997 album, “Everywhere.” Hill was already expecting their first child, a daughter named Gracie, when the two decided to film the video. While still dating, the couple agreed to record the song after hearing it for the first time. They later got married in October 1996.

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Over the past decades, everybody has probably heard of Faith Hill’s name. With tens of millions of records sold, numerous No. 1 hits, and nearly every major award in the industry, she is indeed one of the best-selling female country performers in history. Given her enormous success, it is obvious why America views her as the country’s best country singer ever.


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