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Of Misery and Regrets: Parker McCollum’s “Pretty Heart”

Parker McCollums Pretty Heart

With over 2 million album sales and a double platinum certification from the RIAA, “Pretty Heart” by Parker McCollum has swept listeners up their feet.

Because the fans loved the song “Pretty Heart,” it climbed up the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart before the label even released it as a single.

Meaning Behind the Song

American country music singer and songwriter Parker McCollum released “Pretty Heart” in April 2020 from his debut album Gold Chain Cowboy. Randy Montana co-wrote the song.

McCollum posted a recording of himself and uploaded the video on his Instagram account while singing the lyrics he came up with first. Eventually, the lyrics were changed after McCollum presented them to Randy Montana.

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Parker McCollum’s “Pretty Heart” tells how a man blames himself for hurting his lover’s feelings. The story follows how a man realizes his lover was in love with him until they broke up. The first part says it all; the man had hurt his woman even though he knew his woman’s true intention, which was to love him.

The song’s second verse shows that the man has been drinking a lot since they parted, which shows he regrets hurting his woman and asks to get her back and be with each other again.

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Sometimes, it takes us a moment to realize that we’ve lost someone, a friend, or a lover. We go through the stages of grief as we try to accept that we’ve already hurt someone else’s feelings. And no matter how hard we ask them to go home and return to us, sometimes they never do.

Get some tissues as you listen to Parker McCollum’s “Pretty Heart” here.