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Here Are The Best Parker McCollum Songs The Texas Native Released, So Far

Rising country star Parker McCollum has become one of the biggest and brightest names in the genre. He is taking the country music world by storm that people have even gone as far as saying he is the next George Strait. Well, that’s no surprise, as country fans quickly fell in love with Parker McCollum songs that showcased his ability to write and release unique stories – attracting fans of all ages.

Parker McCollum burst onto the charts in 2017 with the release of his album Probably Wrong and arrived in Nashville two years later for a major-label dealSince then, he has been a mainstay in modern country music. He now has five albums under his belt and several hit singles.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best Parker McCollum songs released by far.

1. To Be Loved By You

From: Gold Chain Cowboy (2021)

The song – which reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart while peaking at No. 6 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart – actually sprouted from the difficult times out of his loving relationship with his girlfriend-now-wife, Hallie Ray Light, along with a stream-of-consciousness songwriting session on his tour bus. Eventually, it found its way to the writer’s room with country icon Rhett Akins.

2. Pretty Heart

From: Gold Chain Cowboy (2020)

McCollum caught the mainstream country world’s attention with the release of his major label debut single, “Pretty Heart,” – a song he wrote with country singer Randy Montana during his first experience of co-writing in Nashville. 

“Pretty Heart” received a heavy amount of online streaming that it already charted Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart before it was even officially released as a single.

3. Hell of a Year

From: Probably Wrong (2017)

Believe it or not, McCollum wrote this amazing song, “Hell of a Year,” at a Whataburger parking lot in South Austin, Texas, at three in the morning. And it speaks of the many different things that happened to him within an entire year – he misses home, he wonders what his old lover’s doing, but more importantly, he has grown all through these experiences.

4. Handle On You

From: Handle On You (2022)

When McCollum briefly split with Hallie at the end of 2020, he attempted to squash his heartbreak and numb the pain of breaking up by drinking alcohol. It was then that “Handle On You” was born.

It features a catchy chorus and is built around a lyrical twist – as a result, McCollum’s comparison to George Strait is even more heightened as it seems the kind of song the King of Country Music would launch across the airwaves.

5. Stoned 

From: Stoned (2022)

Indeed, McCollum really wears his heart on his sleeves, and vulnerability has become equivalent to his creativity as an honest storyteller.

McCollum’s love for melancholy country songs continues with “Stoned,” which chronicles post-breakup sadness and how he’s been immersed in loneliness. Apparently, he’s not good at coping, so he decides to suppress his emotions by staying stoned.

6. Like A Cowboy 

From: Hollywood Gold (2020)

The Texas native tipped his hat to the wilder side in “Like a Cowboy.” The song was actually written by country star Chris Stapleton along with songwriter Al Anderson. This makes it the first song McCollum recorded that he didn’t write himself – but that doesn’t make it any less personal as the song finds McCollum thinking about his grandfather, who he describes as “one of the greatest cowboys to ever live.”

7. Hallie Ray Light

From: Hollywood Gold (2020)

Like most top artists, McCollum takes inspiration from his day-to-day life – of course, including his long-time love, Hallie. In an interview, McCollum noted that he wrote the song before he and Hallie actually started dating.

However, ten months later, the two kicked off their relationship that led to McCollum making a small but important change to the song’s end.

8. Falling Apart

From: Gold Chain Cowboy (2020)

McCollum co-wrote “Falling Apart” with fellow Texans Miranda Lambert, Randy Rogers, and his producer Jon Randall.

The song features another dose of the country singer’s signature outside-the-box heartbreak. He keeps it country by belting out love gone bad over a crisp backdrop of electric guitars and thumping drums.

9. Heart Like Mine

From: Gold Chain Cowboy (2020)

Here’s another standout from McCollum’s catalog. According to the singer, he had the first verse for several years, and he’d been saving it for he knew the song was going to be a special one. And now, we get to enjoy its rhythm that’s classically Americana and lyrics that will leave you aching.

10. Young Man Blues

From: Hollywood Gold (2020)

Here’s a song a lot would surely relate to! “Young Man Blues” finds McCollum wrestling with growing up at the same time wanting to stay connected to his youth – singing about his young days that are slowly fading as he moves on with life.

McCollum revealed he wrote the song while “maybe a little under the influence” one night and then enlisted Randy Montana’s help to complete it.

Truly, these Parker McCollum songs show that we have a new-school outlaw in the making. The singer is fully determined to set his own course and speak his own truth. How about you? What are your top picks from the list?


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