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January 9, 2023


January 9, 2023


January 9, 2023

There is no doubt that Parker McCollum is a relatively modern country artist everyone should watch out for. He released a song called “Like a Cowboy” in 2020 on his album Hollywood Gold. Parker McCollum is regarded as one of country music’s newest faces. And his song “Like a Cowboy” reached the top 40 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

But did you know that this was the first song composed by someone other than Parker himself? Another country superstar, Chris Stapleton, collaborated with Al Anderson on the song’s songwriting. Regardless, there is no doubt that Parker is going big for his first non-penned single.

And now, we’ll go into the song’s depths to discover its ultimate meaning.

Meaning Behind the Song 

Some listeners claimed that Parker McCollum’s song was a musical confession. Others, however, believe that this is not the case since Parker only wrote the song partially on his own.

If you’ve ever wondered what the second definition of cowboy is, it’s a person who is irresponsible or careless, particularly when driving a car. And that’s exactly what this song is about. 

The narrator in the song describes the wild side of his life, from when he was six years old till he gradually grew up. He explicitly expresses his wildness by driving his car just like a cowboy.

Aside from that, the lyrics also show that the narrator advises his sweetheart that she has to know who he truly is. No expectations should be made. Since then, he has lived his life as a cowboy should: free and wild.

So, if you want to release your wild side, you should definitely check out Parker McCollum‘s music video for “Like a Cowboy.” You can watch it now down below. 


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