March 28

Reba McEntire Calls Out ‘Bro Trend’ in country Music

Country music superstar Reba McEntire calls out ‘Bro Country’ that is in country music these days and is hoping to “get back to the real strong country.”

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via Reba McEntire’s Official Twitter Account

Reba’s Clapback

The country legend was already expressing her disappointment for the lack of acknowledgment of female artists in the coming ACM Awards. She spoke to PBS’ Amna Nawaz about it.

Reba McEntire, bandmates
Photo Credits: Reba McEntire/ Official Facebook Home Page

“I’m missing my girlfriends on this. Disappointing. Didn’t surprise me. But when anything like that happens, I just know us gals got to — we got to work harder. We got to support each other. We have got to get in there next year. It’s got to change.”

Nawaz also swerved the discussion on the ‘bro culture’ that was propagating in country music.

Well, it’s the bro trend. You know, “Hey, bro, let’s go down to the river and catch some fish.” And everybody’s good old boys. And that’s the bro — bro music.

The superstar also expressed that she would like to return to the strong country that she grew up with and to move away from that trend.

“I think it’s kind of going away from that a little bit. I would really like it to get back to the real strong country, the country of Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, Mel Tillis. I miss that kind of country.”

The Sacrifices

McEntire also talked about the multiple sacrifices that she made in order for her to advance her career. She talked about leaving her children with a nanny while she worked. She talked about leaving the house a lot.

“You have to stay away from home a lot. You have to leave your kids home with a nanny. You have to say no to a lot of great things that you would get to do at home and with family. Like missing your kid’s championship hockey game. You can’t be there because you’re shooting a movie in L.A.”

When she was asked if she were to do it differently, the singer replied, “I don’t know.”


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