October 9

Rising Star Kameron Marlowe Builds Up Steam Through His Singles

After growing up in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and becoming an established auto parts salesman, most people will usually stop there. But the funny thing about artists is that they know music flows through their veins. They are ready to take any risk even if it means leaving their jobs and their hometowns to get into the battlefield of bards. That’s how the rising star of country music, Kameron Marlowe, made a name for himself in the industry.

Fight or Flight

Kameron Marlowe’s road into becoming a well-known country artist began when he decided to leave his job and hometown to join Season 15 of The Voice. He gained friends through his cast-mates in Nashville, and after the season’s completion, he had to make choice for a fight or flight between alternatively travelling back to his hometown and Nashville, the city where he has hopes to bring out his passion for music.

Marlowe decided to leave his job for good and moved into the Music City in 2019. In June, he was able to release his first-ever independent single, ‘Giving You Up’ which talks about having to force himself to move on from a relationship that he thought would finally reach to marriage. The song was able to capture his listener’s hearts, and its records count for 49 Million on-demand streams and counting on leading streaming platforms.

Always On-Steam

Kameron Marlowe is one of those country artists who never ride the coattails of those singles they had up and running. He aimed higher and sought more immersive experiences through music.

Marlowe recently released another new single ‘Burn ‘Em All’ which will further steam up his career. Possessing an anthemic tune, and written by known songwriters Joey Hyde, Brinley Addington, and Aaron Eshuis, Kameron Marlowe will remind you to blow-off stress from work by letting loose and learning to relax.

The video that accompanies his latest single directed by Jeff Johnson features Tia Booth of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise,’ where they hang out as friends on a Friday-night bonfire. If you are a country fan who pays attention to details, you can observe the subtle message the song delivers to the frontline workers battling through the pandemic. Video production is meant to pay tribute to them the country-music style.

Considering his pace, keep Kameron Marlowe on your watchlist as he is a promising artist who’ll get his name big in no time. Stay posted about his upcoming plans.


Kameron Marlowe

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