December 30

Brett Young Reveals a Sneak Peek of His Summer 2021 Plans

It’s almost been a year since COVID-19 struck hard and placed the world under a global pandemic, yet there is still no news whether things will go the way it is before these upcoming days. One thing is certain, 2021 is coming and Brett Young already called shotgun to bring a new beam of sunshine for every one of us to enjoy through his four-day post-quarantine getaway bound in Palm Springs, California which he calls “Caliville Weekend.”

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His Favorite Go-to Place

But why Palm Springs, California? This is one of the favorite cities Brett always goes to, and to add a cherry to the top, it’s only a couple of hours away from his hometown Anaheim of the same state. What he envisions to do in Palm Springs, he hasn’t revealed yet, but what we do know is that come summer of 2021, he will surely apply his patented musical style he calls ‘Callivile’ which features country music with a hint of breezy and an R&B-influenced west coast sound.

In a recent talk with Brett, he expressed how he’s very excited about seeing a crowd altogether in one of his favorite places. For him, it was a ‘dream come true’ hoping that people will anticipate and enjoy what he had in store for his next live-audience concert.

Although he revealed the type of music we’d be witnessing in his post-quarantine concert, what he hasn’t spoiled for us is the full schedule of the action-packed activities he’s preparing. There will be lots of wellness activities, some pool parties, and surprises that will come as people enjoys his live music for four consecutive days.

The event will run from June 18-21, 2021, and as of now, tickets are already up for grabs. Brett Young saved us the hassle by including room accommodations, a reservation of an entire hotel for the venue, and it even comes with an entrance to his headlining show! The payment plans and tickets for the show are 100% refundable and come with special amenities.

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Spreading Joy

But of course, Brett didn’t forget to swing by during the holidays as he had a heck of a Christmas spirit. He might not have planned anything big like releasing a Christmas album, he made sure that he will, someday, and shared his cover of the song ‘Silver Bells’ that will surely entice the holiday feels of his followers.

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Brett Young

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