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Brett Young’s 4th Top 10 Hit, “Mercy”, is a Breakup Ballad

Brett Young's 4th Top 10 Hit, "Mercy", is a Breakup Ballad 1
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On his debut album, Brett Young displayed specialization in low-tempo, delicate but intense love songs. We’ve seen much of this from his triple-platinum certified and first No. 1 song on the country airplay chart, In Case You Didn’t Know.” The release of his fourth single from his debut album will further testify his specialty. Entitled “Mercy,” this song is loaded with emotions as it deals with a painful and intricate ending of an unfortunate romance. The single went on to become the singer’s fourth Top 10 hit on the country chart.

Writing of the Song

Brett Young and Sean McConnell worked together for the first time and “Mercy” became their first project. So, the few minutes of their first meet-up were spent getting to know each other well. Originally, they’re supposed to write an up-tempo song as advised by their label company. McConnell’s response to this hooked Young’s heart. The former said,

“I don’t really care about that. We’re gonna write whatever we’re gonna write today, and I want to write the best song we can.”

But as they talked about themselves, their previous relationships, etc., they ended up with “Mercy.” It’s a breakup ballad set to a low tempo rhythm. Young said he likes the song a lot as he has personally lived countless versions of it. Considering that heartbreak comes in different sorts, “Mercy” can’t be just anybody’s story unlike his earlier song, “In Case You Didn’t Know.” Based on a true story, “Mercy” is actually inspired by a former flame of Young. This ex-lover kept on haunting him, although in restrained ways. And according to the singer, she’s the same person who inspired many songs on his album.

From its text, “Mercy” is a request for an ex-lover to leave him in peace and just move on with his life. Fans who have gone through the same situation could easily find the song relatable. To this, Young has the following words,

“Every time we’ve played it out it’s all people want to talk about after the show and I think the reason is it’s about going through a breakup and having that person kind of just continue to poke their head in their life and not let you move on.”

Below is the official music video for Brett Young’s “Mercy.”

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