September 19

Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles Team Up to ‘Do What You Can,’ Blended Tribute & Self- Care

For old time’s sake, here are Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles again with their recently released song ‘Do What You Can.’

You probably also have heard how the two superstars, both coming from different bands and different genres, teamed up 14 years ago to throw the charts away from its rockers by releasing ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home?’

Well, things are indeed always better when doing it as a team. In music, the principle is practically the same; get a band, get a collaborator, and somehow climb yourself on those charts.

Honoring Unnamed Heroes

Upon the closure of public services and all social gathering institutions when the pandemic went out of control in mid-march, Bon Jovi took the situation in quickly. No one though had a clue that he is up to something until he released an inspiring Instagram post reading “if you can’t do what you do, do what you can”.

The post probably sparked a light bulb in his head as the song idea came quicker than the 24 hours needed by the authorities to shut down the national borders, schools, businesses in order to prevent the spread of the said virus. Although that post was made of sheer will for a new song, it is also about connecting all the front liners in the battlefield covering all doctors, nurses, truckers, and grocery store clerks.

What’s in the MV?

If you would watch the music video of Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles’ ‘Do What You Can,’ a brighter image of the story will unfold as the song progresses.

The scene began in an empty New York street in the midst of a pandemic The artists sing along honoring not only the heroes of the battle that goes under microscopic scale, but also the rest of the civilians feeling anxiety, loneliness, and all negative emotions. The MV validates those emotions and simply proposes that we are all in the same boat. A note at the end then showed up reading “dedicated to the everyday heroes fighting to rise above this pandemic.’’

For the Second Time Around

Props to Bon Jovi this time and to the effort exerted by Jennifer Nettles, but for these two, history simply repeats itself. Just like their first collab-single in ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’, ‘Do What You Can’ is actually an alternative version of Bon Jovi’s original song ‘Have A Nice Day’ which was included in his 2005 album.

Now for their second collaboration, ‘Do What You Can’ is undeniably a reimagined version of a song that is bound to be released by Bon Jovi’s band in their 2020 forthcoming record. Keep your heads up because it was dead set to be finished by October 2, 2020.


Bon Jovi, Jennifer Nettles

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