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Where is Anne Murray now? A Peek at the Singer’s Current Life

Canadian singer Anne Murray has undoubtedly made her stamp in the music industry, earning multiple recognitions in pop, country, as well as adult contemporary genres. Her breakthrough hit song “Snowbird” was a certified gold single by the RIAA, the first American Gold record ever given to a Canadian solo female artist – one of many milestones she achieved in the US as a Canadian singer. 

And over her 45-year long career, she bagged four Grammy Awards, twenty-four Juno Awards, three American Music Awards, and three CMA Awards. Not to mention that she sold over 54 million records as well.

Becoming a “Snowbird”

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Anne Murray officially started her career in 1967 with Singalong Jubilee as a featured soloist alongside another TV show for teenagers, Let’s Go. After her stint in the variety musical TV show, she received an offer to record a solo album from Brian Ahern, who was the show’s musical director. In 1968, she released her debut album What About Me, which led her to being signed with Capitol Records, a major record label. 

After that, she released her album ‘This Way Is My Way’ followed by ‘Biding My Time’ which featured “Snowbird” as its second single. After getting radio play, the song quickly became a hit. It was also certified by the RIAA as a gold record, a first for a Canadian female solo artist. With the success of “Snowbird,” Murray’s career skyrocketed, and she became a pop and country standard. 

But Murray never wanted her music to be labeled because she wanted to do everything. And she wanted the freedom to be able to do all the different music that influenced her. And she definitely fought against that early in her career. 

A Celebrated Career

During the ‘80s, Murray continued to release hits after hits and she earned numerous distinctions from prestigious award-giving bodies like the Grammys. Anne Murray songs definitely dominated the music scene at the time. And then, she was finally inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1993. 

Moving forward, Murray had never been afraid to explore different musical styles, and she tried to do inspirational songs and even seasonal albums, which all did well commercially. But aside from a long and celebrated career, she also devoted time to philanthropic causes. She also helped raise awareness about anorexia which her daughter Dawn also struggled with ever since she was 10. They went on several talk shows and even performed at benefit concerts in hopes of spreading their message to other young women. 

Where is Anne Murray now?

After her retirement from the music circuit over 10 years ago, many fans are wondering what she has been up to. 

In an interview with Murray back in 2013, shortly after her retirement, she said that she had been thoroughly enjoying it. She also added that she didn’t miss singing at all. Murray also mentioned that at some point, fame became difficult to handle. She was so busy that she didn’t have a life at all, and she also sacrificed a lot, family-wise. 

A couple of years ago, she left Toronto as a step away from the life of music and settled back in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is definitely enjoying rekindling relationships with family and friends, whom she had not seen for a long time. 

Anne Murray has turned down invites to perform live or to feature in any song. She is satisfied just singing tunes while she does some household chores, and that is the closest she will get to putting on a show again. 


Anne Murray

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