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Roy Rogers’ Children: Happiness In Eight

Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys, had established a legacy: becoming the legend he is because of the country music he’d sung, the blockbuster movies he starred in, and the television shows he guested. All of his legacy, yet he left what is most touching: that included raising children as his own and advocating for adoption.

With that, Roy Rogers’ children became the source of all his happiness and strength.

His marriage with Grace Arlene Wilkins, his second wife, had been fruitful. Together, they had four children: Cheryl Darlene, Linda Lou, and Roy Rogers Jr. 

With Dale Evans, whom he wed in 1947 in Oklahoma, they had another child, Robin Elizabeth, and adopted four more kids: Dodie, Mimi, Debbie, and son Sandy.

Aside from all his awards and achievements, there is no better achievement than creating a family, taking care of them well, showering them with all the love and support, and raising them to become better people.

Let’s get to know more details about Roy Rogers’ kids below.

Cheryl Darlene Rogers

The first adopted daughter of Roy Rogers and Grace Arlene Wilkins was Cheryl Darlene Rogers, born on June 6, 1940. The couple adopted her in 1941.

There is no doubt as to why Cherly became famous. After all, she is the daughter of the King of the Cowboys. She made appearances in movies starred by his father, such as Meet Roy Rogers and Trail of Robin Hood. 

Cheryl published her book Cowboy Princess, which covers what it’s like living with her famous parents. She also co-wrote a cookbook, The All-American Cowboy Grill.

She is currently involved in different kinds of charity work, including battling child abuse by becoming a member of USA Childhelp.

Linda Lou Rogers

Grace and Roy’s daughter, Linda Lou Rogers, was born in 1943. 

Unlike her sister, Cheryl Darlene, Linda Lou didn’t have much screen time in her father’s films. She is one of Roy Rogers’ children who kept her reputation of staying out of the spotlight. She enjoys quality time with her family and grandchildren at their lovely home in California.

Roy Rogers Jr.

On October 28, 1946, Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr. was born. After his birth, Grace developed complications of cesarean section and embolism and died after a few days.

As the son of the most famous country music singer, Dusty shrugs off the pressures it brings. He said he has to continue his father’s legacy and not be overshadowed by it. 

Dusty formed his band, The High Riders, which he toured and sang with in many concert halls. He had the privilege and honor to sing in one of the most prestige halls, New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Roy Rogers Jr. takes pride in his talent and ability to keep the Rogers’ legacy alive.

Robin Elizabeth Rogers

The only biological daughter of Rogers an Evans, Robin Elizabeth Rogers was born on August 1950 with down syndrome.

Unfortunately, before she turned two years old, Robin died due to complications brought on by mumps.

Dodie Rogers

On March 19, 1952, Dodie Rogers was born to the lovely Rogers family. She is the youngest child of Rogers and Evans, and she was adopted when she was seven months old. 

Dodie was a Native American, enabling Rogers to adopt her quickly. She is also a Choctaw, the same as her father, Roy. Coincidence? I think not.

Her nickname, Little Doe Rogers, knows her. Dodie is currently enjoying her time with her family in their lovely home. She devotes her time to writing memoirs, sewing, creating crafts with stained glass, and others.

Deborah Lee “Debbie” Rogers

Deborah Lee Rogers was a North Korean born on August 14, 1952. The family decided to adopt her when she was orphaned due to the Korean War.

Sadly, when she was 12 years old, she died in a bus accident in 1964.

John David “Sandy” Rogers

Roy Rogers and Evans adopted John David Rogers, called “Sandy.” Sandy was born on June 17, 1947, in Kentucky, USA. 

Unfortunately, Sandy, 18 years old at the time, choked to death because of vomiting. He died during his assignment in a hospital in Germany.

Roy Rogers was a great man, not only for his music and several films. He was the most incredible man for taking in children that weren’t even his, yet he considered them his flesh and blood and gave them the home and love they deserved.


Dale Evans, Roy Rogers

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