April 20

Willie Nelson’s Son Shares Decades-Old Throwback Photos Of Their Family

Willie Nelson is a legend in country music – widely successful as an artist himself with his own brand and style. And outside his music career, he has also built a successful life as a writer with several books to his name. But when the curtains close down, and he descends down the stage, he becomes someone more than a celebrated artist of his time – a husband and, most importantly to him, a father. 

And his son, Lukas Nelson, loves to showcase their bond – him, his dad Willie, and his brother Jacob – on social media. Lukas also pays tribute to his dad on his birthday. And from time to time, he likes to do throwbacks of their decades-old family photos. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Willie Nelson and His Family of Prodigies

Willie Nelson married his third wife, Annie D’ Angelo, in 1991, and they gave birth to two lovely boys – Lukas Autrey and Jacob Micah. And what can we say, they’re definitely Willie Nelson mini-me’s! 

Willie Nelson’s children grew up close to their father (literally and metaphorically), which is why it’s not surprising that both of them fell in love with music. Lukas, the older of the two boys, spent his early childhood touring the world with his dad. And when Jacob came, it was always the three of them together. And when the boys turned to men, they started their own bands and put out their own music. But they make sure that they still have time for their dad. 

The Throwback

It’s no secret that Lukas Nelson loves to share in his social media decades-old throwback photos of his family, especially him, his brother, and their dad. But this black-and-white photo posted last 2019 may be the best out of all the series so far. It’s Willie Nelson during his prime, all smiles with his two young boys doting on him (or maybe they’re just confused on what’s exactly happening). Either way, it looks so cute! 

Hopefully, we’ll see more of these in the coming years. Keep them coming, Lukas!


Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson

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