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Spotify 2021 Wrapped Country Version: Meet the Most Streamed Country Artist

Taylor Swift’s rerecording of her breakthrough country-pop album Red definitely wrapped up an impressive year of milestones not only on the charts but also on Spotify. The country singer who just released one album (and a rerecording at that) this year snatched the 2nd spot on Spotify’s most-streamed artist globally and in the US, making her the most-streamed country music artist this year. And that’s not surprising after her highly-anticipated track “All Too Well (10-minute version)” alone racked over 150 million streams. Not to mention that she has over 60 million monthly listeners.

BUT here’s the part where it gets tricky because Spotify doesn’t really have straightforward stats for different genres. Its monthly listeners aren’t quite as useful as well in determining an artist’s success on the platform as dissected so by ChartMasters (you can read up about that here). So, instead, we will utilize other numbers just like their follower count to see their popularity among other things.

So here’s the Spotify 2021 Wrapped Country version. Take a scroll and see if your favorites got in. 

Top 5 Most Streamed Country Artists as of 2021

For this section, ranking is based on ChartMasters Top Artists 2021, which used lead stream counts – a combination of the songs’ streams on their personal pages. 

1. Taylor Swift

Lead Streams: 24 891 621 087
Total No of Tracks: 318 
Most Streamed Track: All Too Well (10 Minute Version)(Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift has always been a digital monster, earning back-to-back success in her releases. And her most popular track, an extended version of her fan-favorite track “All Too Well,” racked 158 049 005 streams (to date) alone. Everybody’s (including us) definitely screaming, “You kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath” more times than we probably should.

2. Florida Georgia Line

Lead Streams: 4 221 040 252
Total No. of Tracks: 113
Most Streamed Track: Meant To Be

If we’re not counting Taylor Swift, then next-in-line for the country music crown is Florida Georgia Line. The country duo who first emerged in 2012 released their unkillable crossover hit in 2013 with “Cruise,” which also became the biggest country single of all time. They lost the crown though in 2017 to Sam Hunt but regained their position with their now most popular track on the platform “Meant To Be” with Bebe Rexha.

3. Kelly Clarkson

Lead Streams: 3 794 584 753
Total No. of Tracks: 322
Most Streamed Track: Underneath the Tree

Of course, who doesn’t know American Idol’s first-ever winner Kelly Clarkson, right? The singer, who has also been busy with her stint as a coach on The Voice, has been continuously racking digital stream counts. Though it’s already 2021, the singer’s most popular track on Spotify is “Underneath the Tree” from her 2013 album Wrapped in Red which has over 46 million streams.

4. Morgan Wallen

Lead Streams: 3 656 717 414
Total No. of Tracks: 58
Most Streamed Track: Whiskey Glasses

Morgan Wallen has had a tough year this 2021 that ultimately led him to step back from the limelight. Yet despite the hurdle, he remained to be one of country music’s leading artists on Spotify with 3.4-billion on-demand streams. Not to mention that his Dangerous: The Double Album earned the second spot for the most-streamed album in the US next to Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour.

5. Jason Aldean

Lead Streams: 3 291 955 683
Total No. of Tracks: 151
Most Streamed Track: You Make It Easy

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Jason Aldean caps off our Top 5 Most Streamed Country Artists as of this year. This year, he not only proved that he is a successful singer but also a collaborator as his powerful ballad duet with Carrie Underwood titled “If I Didn’t Love You” earned multi-weeks on number one on the charts. 

Top 5 Most Followed Country Artists as of 2021

Let’s meet the five most-followed country artists as of 2021.

  1. Taylor Swift – 47 245 593 followers
  2. Kelly Clarkson – 8 322 919 followers
  3. Blake Shelton – 6 184 949 followers
  4. Luke Combs – 5 967 424 followers
  5. Jason Aldean – 4 951 565 followers

Top 5 Fresh New Country Artists of 2021

Let’s get to know the 5 new country artists (and their tracks) of 2021 that we should definitely set our eyes on in 2022.

  1. Maggie Baugh (Think About Me)
  2. Chase Wright (Drive)
  3. Pierre Alexander (The One)
  4. Carter Faith (Buzzkilla)
  5. Dalton Dover (You Got a Small Town)


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