May 30

Rey Stevens’ “Everything is Beautiful”: A Wonderful Message From God

Ray Stevens

An American country music artist Ray Stevens wrote the song “Everything is Beautiful.” He is also the one who produced the song and the first one who recorded it. The song was released in March 1970.

Upon its release, “Everything is Beautiful” became number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, it also entered the adult contemporary chart.“Everything is Beautiful” also entered on the Billboard’s chart where it placed number 39.

Ray Stevens
Taken from Ray Steven’s official Facebook page

According to Stevens, this song is different among those recordings he made earlier. The success of his song would be a milestone for him to showcase his talent for making other serious and spiritual songs.

 As years had passed, some of our country artists made their own version of the song and it became more popular with country fans.

Song Theme

Ray Stevens Everything is Beautiful
Photo Credit: Ray Stevens/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“Everything is Beautiful” is typically a song that focuses on what is obvious. From its title, “Everything is Beautiful,” you can already have an idea on what the narrator would like us to know.

Jesus created his children equally. Whether we are rich or poor, black or white, girl or boy, smart or average, God still accepts us for who we are.

If you feel upset at people who criticize you, always remind yourself to look on the brighter side for you are with God. The judgments they have you will not define who you are because, in God’s eyes, you are priceless.

Moreover, no matter where our life is going, we still need the presence of God. Without God, we are nothing because God is the only one who knows everything around us.

To wrap up, this song shows how God loves his children.

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