August 23

Lorrie Morgan’s Exceptional Rendition of “A Picture of Me (Without You)”

Lorrie Morgan exceptionally recreated George Jones’ classic “A Picture of Me (Without You).” This song expresses the feeling of not being with the one you love that will make you realize the importance of caring for them. The words are written in a way that love and pain are both felt at the same time.

Lorrie Morgan sings George Jones "A Picture of Me (without you"
Lorrie Morgan at the Wheeling’s Capitol Theater, 7 pm, July 20. Photo by Steven Baublitz

Imagine a world where no music was playing
And think of a church with nobody praying
Have you ever looked up at a sky with no blue
Then you’ve seen a picture of me without you

What does “A Picture of Me (Without You)” Mean?

Love is felt by realizing the importance of the person in your life. Meanwhile, the pain kicks in when you picture not being with them. It hurts like losing the things we never knew matters to us, such as the sound of the bells on a Sunday morning or the flowers in the garden. When all things are gone, that’s when we realize the importance of things. That’s what Jones’ single wants us to bear in mind. Therefore, we always have to take good care of what we have.

It was written for George Jones

“A Picture of Me” was penned by songwriters Norro Wilson and George Richey. The country songwriters specifically wrote the song for George Jones, and when it was presented to him, it was sung in Jones’ style. It was said that they patterned the song to another classic country song by Webb Pierce, “That’s Me Without You.” Jones took his original recording to the top 10 of the country chart.

Lorrie Morgan’s take on the Song

It was not only ‘The Possum’ who was able to chart the song onto the Top 10. Country singer and wife of the late Keith Whitley, Lorrie, took the single and made it reach number nine on the Billboard Country Chart. The song seems to suit her, with the pain she was dealing with losing her husband. Now imagine how Lorrie felt singing the song, and she was probably thinking of Whitley.

Lorrie released the song from her top-performing, second album Something in Red. 

Also, Jones and Lorrie sang this song together, and we can’t get enough of how amazing these two were on stage.


George Jones, Lorrie Morgan

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