November 12

God’s Beauty is Seen in Crystal Gayle’s Song “He Is Beautiful To Me”

How do you define beauty? Does beauty need to be physical? Or, do you think beauty is something underneath? We see beauty in different ways. Therefore, what may be beautiful for someone may not be beautiful for you. However, will you agree if someone says God is beautiful?

God Is Beautiful

In 1982, Crystal Gayle recorded Bobby Wood and Clive Westlake’s song “He Is Beautiful To Me.” Her single was a part of her tenth studio album True Love. Sadly, it did not make it to the Billboard chart.

Despite not entering the chart, Crystal Gayle’s song has a powerful message for all of us. “He Is Beautiful To Me” speaks not the physical beauty we know. In here, Gayle defines beauty that is seen underneath, like in God. Moreover, she proves God’s beauty by stating good qualities of Him. Some of these qualities that she mentioned are,

  1. “He’s the key to the door, Of joy never-ending,”
  2. “He is the light,”
  3. “He’s the way,”
  4. “He gives me so much love, without thinking of what he gets from me,”
  5. “He’s life everlasting,”

All of those things mentioned above and many more are proof that God is truly beautiful. We have to realize that beauty is not only seen on the outside. We have to remember that beauty within matters, too.

Crystal Gayle’s Album

True Love was Crystal Gayle’s first and only album released by the record label Elektra. There were two editions of the album, UK and US edition. Her US album only contained ten tracks, while in her UK edition they have added the track “Take Me To The Dance.” Gayle’s album reached number fourteen on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Moreover, it also entered the Billboard 200.

Gayle has three singles from her album that make it to the Country chart (“Till I Gain Control Again,” “Our Love is on The Faultline,” and “Baby What About You.”)

Is God Beautiful?

Do you agree that God is beautiful just like in Crystal Gayle’s song? Do you think that the qualities that Gayle mentioned in her single are the reasons why God is beautiful? Share your thoughts folks for us to know.

“The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.  Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.” -Psalm 50:1-2


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