January 18

Chris Stapleton Reflects with His Hit Song Broken Halos

Chris Stapleton eases into what can easily be considered as a gospel/pop track. In “Broken Halos”, he sings of angels and Jesus and coping.

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Broken Halos

“Broken Halos” was released on the 14th of April, 2017 as a part of his second studio album “From A Room: Volume 1.” 

The track delivers a warm feeling, coupled with the gruff voice that has become a Stapleton trademark. He softly sings about loss in a way that feels very heartfelt and genuine. Loss isn’t something that just happens when someone dies. Sometimes, we move away from different people, and move on and learn from our experiences with them. The lyrics are rustic and rough around the edges, but it may very well be done so to put more impact on the way it made us feel. It is very effective in tugging our heartstrings.

Seen my share of broken halos
Folded wings that used to fly
They’ve all gone wherever they go
Broken halos that used to shine


Don’t go looking for the reasons
Don’t go asking Jesus why
We’re not meant to know the answers
They belong to the by and by

In a way, we can strongly relate to what Stapleton is singing about. We have seen our fair share of broken halos. And we can’t ask anybody, not even Jesus why we saw them or why did they leave. We just gotta get up, learn from them and move on.

Take a listen here!


From a Room

From a Room: Volume 1 is Stapleton’s second studio album. Upon its release, it received critical acclaim. It debuted at number one on the Canadian Albums Chart, and number two on the US Billboard 200.

The album won Album of the Year at the 51st Country Music Association Awards, and Best Country Album at the 60th Grammy awards. “Broken Halos” won the Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song. It also reached the top of the Country Airplay chart.


Broken Halos, chris stapleton

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