July 22

Stay ‘Happy Anywhere’ with Your Love by Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Among the bunch of solo albums 7 singles, here comes a couple duet! Yes, that’s right. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will be releasing a new duet that would make your upcoming weekend more enjoyable.

July 20 (Monday), Blake Shelton dropped the news that he and long time girlfriend Gwen Stefani will be releasing a new song. Just to be reminded, the last time Shelton and Stefani released a duet, it topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart and was a commercial success for the couple. Now with “Happy Anywhere” set to release this Friday, we surely can expect another ‘best’ from this duo.

What’s in Blake Shelton’s “Happy Anywhere?”

With the stay at home orders and strict quarantine measures, everyone had to do work and do school activities within the confines of our homes. How can we be happy anywhere?

For country music superstar Blake Shelton, having his long time girlfriend Gwen Stefani by his side during trying times is more than enough reason for him to be “Happy Anywhere.” Notice, too, that most of the love songs he recently released were undeniably inspired by his love for Gwen.

Are the Bells Ready to Ring?

Love and happiness have surely decorated Blake and Gwen’s relationship. With the new duet set to release, the same question resurfaces; will they be singing to wedding bells soon?

This was not the first time that rumors about what the next step could be for the Voice Coach Lovebirds have arisen. This could be traced from “I’ll Name the Dogs” in 2017. Since then, it was not just the songs by Shelton and Stefani that went through heavy scrutiny. Even their moments caught on camera were also heavily analyzed for clues. Clarifying and setting the record straight, one of Blake Shelton’s representatives debunked the rumors. Both Shelton and Stefani, however, welcome the idea of marriage while fans give their open support.

Anytime, Anywhere

Everything will come at the right time. But as we wait for the opportune time for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s wedding, “Happy Anywhere” is a song that is made just at the right time. While staying at home, Blake Shelton wishes that everyone will also find happiness like what he has now. He’s right about one thing. Spending time with your loved ones, especially during times like this, will definitely bring you happiness wherever or whatever you’re doing.


Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani

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