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A Son’s Appreciation to A Father in Keith Urban’s “Song for Dad”

Song for dad Keith Urban

Australian-American country music singer and songwriter Keith Urban sends a touching and loving message to all fathers with “Song for Dad.” The song was released in 2002 as part of his album Golden Road.

A Loving Message 

“Song for Dad” by Keith Urban reflects how much our parents, especially our dads, genuinely love us. Most of the time, our parents aren’t expressive; they usually don’t show their emotions and feelings towards us, their children. But inside their somewhat “emotionless” shell, they love us very much. The song’s lyrics perfectly describe the way we feel toward our dads. We had a hard time figuring out why they were angry over the little things when we were younger.

Fathers give and show us what they call tough love. After all, they are the heads of the family. They have the final say on most decisions, become too reprimanding sometimes, or even spit harsh realities in front of you. You might not realize what he’s doing or telling you, but someday you will understand that it’s all for your good.

“Song for Dad” is one of Keith Urban’s songs that stir emotions inside you. Most listeners relate to what the track sends because it speaks to what the people want to say to their dads. Others say the song moved them to tears because they remember their fathers through the music. Some even sang it to their fathers every time Father’s Day was celebrated.

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The piece is also a way to tell your dads what you want to say, whether you admire their resilience, thank their patience and kindness, or appreciate them for who they are.

The almost four-minute piece has a deeper meaning despite the lively beating of the drums. “Song for Dad” by Keith Urban holds a special meaning to Urban because it served as a memoir of his father, Bob Urban, who died of prostate cancer in 2015.

Take a minute to say a word of appreciation to your dad when you listen to the song here.

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