October 6, 2020

Rising Country Star Matt Stell to Release His ‘Better Than That’ EP

Country artists nowadays may seem to have a lot of downtimes but they never stopped honing their craft even in the tiniest corners of their homes. Let’s take a closer look at one of Country Music’s rising artist, Matt Stell as he uses his free time as an opportunity to broaden the scope of his music.

Not Your Stereotypical Love Song

He has announced that in the upcoming fall, he will be releasing an EP titled ‘Better Than That’ which takes on an unconventional structure to most of the love songs being released today.

Now, he likes taking things figuratively as he describes the person in the context of galloping words while he, as the narrator, proves that he deserves the affection other people are getting from his love interest because he knows her better.

Let’s just say this is a much bolder approach to courtship. No more sugarcoating, no more longcuts, just presto straight to the point, “I know you; I want you, and now I’m letting you know”.

Game-Changing Actions

During the interview regarding the release of the EP, Matt Stells talked about how he utilized his time during quarantine and how it turned most of the artist’s disadvantage into an advantage. He shared that he was able to focus on writing which leads him to be even more creative. He also shared that the eight songs that make up his album ‘Better Than That’ are something he’s even more proud of and that he could not wait to gradually get them to the playlists of his fans.

‘Better Than That’ EP is already available for pre-saving and pre-order on leading music streaming platforms, and will be released to the public on the 16th of October through the efforts of Records LLC and Arista Nashville.

Don’t forget that Matt Stell, aside from ‘Better Than That,’ had other works in the industry which he prides on today. His latest hitmaker songs ‘If I Was a Bar’, ‘Everywhere But On’, and his first-ever #1 in country radio ‘Prayed for You’.

The tracks included in his EP are as follows; ‘Everywhere But On’, ‘If I Was a Bar’, ‘Prayed for You’, ‘Better Than That’, ‘I Love You, too’, ‘Sadie’, ‘Chase It Down’ and ‘Look at Me Now’.


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