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Traveling to Eternity at “Life’s Railway to Heaven”

In life, usually, the best course for us to pursue is the one that is less traveled. Many of us are significantly impacted by gospel songs, which help direct us in the correct direction. That’s why everyone should listen to the gospel hymn “Life’s Railway to Heaven,” a true gem you should not miss.

Tillman set the hymn written by Baptist preacher M.E. Abbey, ‘Life’s Railway to Heaven’ which was said to have drawn influence from William Shakespeare Hays’ poetry “The Faithful Engineer.”

Numerous outstanding musicians have recorded the song, including Boxcar Willie, The Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, Russ Taff, and many more. Given the song’s uplifting message and the fact that one of country music’s central themes is our love for God, it is understandable why so many country giants enjoyed performing the song.

According to the Western Writers of America members, the song was also well-known for being among the Top 100 Western songs of all time. Although there were no reports of the song charting, it is unquestionably one of the gospel songs that has moved many people.

Meaning Behind the Song 

In history, gospel music opened the way for other musical genres and assisted enslaved people in escaping to freedom. It fosters a sense of optimism and gives space for God’s worship. Additionally, in today’s age, it is helpful for us listeners to be led by the light of God in times of darkness. 

And in the song “Life’s Railway to Heaven” it discusses how when we were in that stage of life when death is already in front of us, we are now preparing for a long journey in Life’s Railway to Heaven.

So if you want to check out this fantastic gospel song called “Life’s Railway to Heaven,” you can check out one performance video below. 


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