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There’s Something to Love About “I Hate Everything”: George Strait’s 51st No.1 Song

“I Hate Everything”  was written by Gary Harrison and Keith Stegall and recorded by George Strait in 2004. The song was featured in the album, 50 Number ones.

 What’s in the Song

Reading “I Hate Everything” as the title, it sounded like the song would be full of negativity. It may have been written out of anger or while experiencing certain disappointments in life. But, knowing that this is a George Strait song, it won’t hurt to give it a good listen and perhaps, some careful rumination of the song’s content.

“I Hate Everything” began with a scene where the narrator meets a guy in a bar. The guy said that he hated everything. His ex-wife was cheating on him. Consequently, he would keep on drinking to numb his heartaches. He continued rambling on about his life and compared the place he is living at to a prison.

The bleakness was evident throughout the song. But as it progresses, there was an interesting twist on the part of the narrator. He, too, was in the club as a result of a fight he had with his wife.

After listening to the tirade of the other man, he began to realize that he would like to change things with his wife. The narrator didn’t want to end up with the same situation that the man in the bar was in. Thus, the narrator finally came to his senses. He pulled up his phone and told his wife that he is coming home. He would want to work things out and make it right with her.

What Made “I Hate Everything” a Hit

Hate usually begins when someone was able to experience an unpleasant situation in life. A person could feel blinded to hate everything about life. Hence, he’ll think that nothing is worth living for. We couldn’t blame or change how people react to life’s unfortunate circumstances, but by simply lending a listening ear, there’s something that we could learn from them.

“I Hate Everything,” made famous by George Strait, teaches us the same lesson. That meeting people facing different situations is not an opportunity to judge, but an opportunity to learn from them. Furthermore, the track teaches us that whatever setbacks we are currently experiencing, it should not be the determining factor of what our life would be like. We can choose to not be stuck and not let ourselves be prisoners of our painful past.

The Brains

The song “I Hate Everything” was a product of two notable names in the music industry. They were Gary Harrison and Keith Stegall. Gary was the one who wrote the song while Keith was the one who recorded and have it published.

Gary Harrison I

Gary Harrison is an outstanding songwriter that had worked with several country artists, such as Kenny Rogers. His legacy cemented multiple awards during his career. He won the Country Music Association Song of The Year Award for Strawberry Wine.” Harrison also had several Nashville Songwriters International Songwriter Achievement Award and 16 BMI Awards under his belt.


In 1997, Harrison gained incredible recognition by winning the CMA Triple Play Award. This award was given to him for completing three number 1 records within the time frame of just a year. He also garnered a Grammy nomination for his 2 hit songs.

Garry Harrison was the senior director for Mercury Record Nashville. There he was involved in directing the careers of Kathy Mattea, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tent Clark, Sammy Kershaw, and Mark Wills. Harrison then ventured as a partner with the “Big Picture Music Group,” a music publishing and production company.

Keith Stegall I Songwriter © FacebookKeith Stegall started his career through performing in local bands in Northern Louisiana. He then operated a small-time recording business and was later on persuaded by Kris Kristofferson to move to Nashville, Tennessee.

Stegall was mainly active as a producer since the late ‘80s. He charted thirteen singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. This included him producing for notable singers such as Alan Jackson, George Jones, Zac Brown Band, and Clay Walker.

In addition to the success he had with producing, Stegall also wrote several songs for Jackson. The Big Picture Music Group was co-founded by Stegall in 2008. He also gained a partnership with Rob Potts and Sony Music Australia to work with his very own production, management, and publishing firm, Dreamline Entertainment Group.

Why George Strait?

Just as we’d want to give talented songwriters their due credit, it’s worth mentioning why George Strait was a perfect choice to record “I Hate Everything.” 

George Strait was one of the most influential artists of all time. He made a name for himself with the neotraditional country style that he utilize for the songs that he created. Strait’s career began a rise with the release of his single Unwound in 1981.

Following the success of his first single, Strait recorded seven albums that made it’s way to the top of the charts. With all the success he was able to attain, he was awarded by the Academy of Country Music as the Artist of the Decade, he was also nominated into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and won his first Grammy Award for his singleTroubadour.”

In 2009, Strait was able to cement his legacy as an outstanding country artist as he broke Conway Twitty’s previous record for the most number-one hits on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart when he was able to produce 44 top singles. Strait was able to establish himself as a top touring artist.

50 Number Ones

This presented the 50 number-one singles of George Strait. The album was released in 2004 which included “I Hate Everything,” and subsequently became Strait’s 51st number one song.

The songs in the album were arranged in chronological order based on the year that it peaked. This did not just feature songs that top the Billboard Hot Country Songs, but also those that topped both in the Radio and Gavin Records. The RIAA recognized the album as a 7x Multi-Platinum and sold 3,791,500 copies in the USA as of April 2015.


George Strait

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