September 9

Chapel Hart Enters Country with ‘Jesus and Alcohol’

Watch the irony because Chapel Hart’s new single ‘Jesus and Alcohol’ is here to give you another perspective on how to dream big.

No hypocrisy about your faith here because alcohol isn’t really prohibited in the scriptures, just mere reminders on how people should drink responsibly. Jesus even turned water into wine at a wedding! But here’s the catch, watch the music video and look at the plot because spoilers aside, a runaway groom is another reason to switch onto a much ‘stronger’ drink.

Tranquilizers for a Broken Heart

Well practically, the MV is only meant to visualize the views of the artists toward the song. The message it tries to convey is to have fun, to dream, and to believe in yourself even though things don’t usually go your way and the situation you’re facing is haphazardly depressing. ‘Jesus and Alcohol’ is indeed a song about break up, but the message leans on the positive side wherein people choose to lean in faith while having a few drinks.

For a debut single, it’s hard to find someone who will fly up to the heights of elevating the ‘to-be’ fans emotional state as the first track in their arsenal, but if we speak Chapel Hart, this trio left the eccentric side of a performer to gain admirers for their music. In building their career, they started as influencers to score a critical hit in one’s heart that neutralizes faith and alcohol’s co-existence in one’s body as something that won’t forfeit salvation.

Country music has a broad history of being paired up with other genres of music, such as pop or rock, but Chapel Hart is one of the few who mixed Country with Gospel, and through that, they say a three-man band is made specifically for that purpose.

The Secret Behind the MV’s Success

Chapel Hart also explained how smoothly the shoot went for their videos as all were simply there to participate. Be they celebrities or simply just someone who wanted to lend a hand into making their movement come to life, social status had no place during the shoot. They loved how the people involved in their project worked together without complaining or being prideful, and that’s the secret behind the successful shoot of their music video.

Chapel Hart thanked ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons’ appearance together with other celebrities like T. Graham Brown, Deborah Allen, and JD Shelburne for helping them to make the MV.


Chapel Hart

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