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Riley Johnson


April 2, 2024


April 2, 2024


April 2, 2024

In 1983, country music band The Oak Ridge Boys released “American Made” as part of their album of the same title. 

The song was the band’s seventh number-one single in their career. It landed the No. 1 spot on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) Charts, no. 72 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and No. 12 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks, making it one of The Oak Ridge Boys’ Greatest hits

The Oak Ridge Boys, composed of members Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, Richard Sterban, and Joe Bonsall, is an American country and gospel quartet founded in 1943. They kickstarted their career, mainly singing gospel songs until the mid-70s, when the group finally decided to concentrate more on producing country music. 

The group has released several top hits throughout their career; one of the well-known crossover hits is “American Made.” In an interview, the writer of the song, Bob DiPiero, revealed the story of how the song came about. 

According to him, “American Made” was one of those songs born out of necessity. DiPiero then struggled to make a living teaching guitar lessons in a guitar shop. Because of the success of the song “I Can See Forever In Your Eyes,” which he wrote and Reba McEntire popularized, he thought he would make another one that would hopefully pay for all the bills, hence the song “American Made” – the top-charting song that The Oak Ridge Boys later released. 

Let’s now dive into the beautiful meaning behind The Oak Ridge Boys’ hit song “American Made.”

Meaning Behind the Song

The song simply talks about how a man suddenly notices that everything he owns seems to have a foreign brand name to it, except for one thing – his partner. 

From her silky long hair to her sexy long legs, this man describes her girl as “American made,” beautiful, and incomparable. So, to put it simply in simple terms, this song simply celebrates the man’s undying love for his American partner, whom he is so proud to show off to the world.

So, if you are deeply in love with someone, express it to the world by being genuine and declaring your feelings, much like The Oak Ridge Boys did in their song “American Made.”


The Oak Ridge Boys



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