Talented Siblings Deliver an Amazing “Tennessee Whiskey” Cover


Arden Lambert


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023

Originally recorded by David Allan Coe in his 1981 album of the same name, “Tennessee Whiskey” has been covered by other artists, including George Jones and Chris Stapleton. 

Chris Stapleton released “Tennessee Whiskey” in his album Traveller in 2015. The track, in fact, was a version that spontaneously spawned when Chris sang his version during a soundcheck before their show in Virginia. His version peaked at the top of the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Another ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ Cover

Not only do Chris Stapleton and George Jones get to cover “Tennessee Whiskey.” Sure, many people worldwide probably sang their versions of the song, but this set of siblings caught our attention. 

While Chris chose to sing his hit song with his deep, guttural voice, the four siblings beautifully harmonized with their lead singer.

Towards the end of the song, the group’s lead singer, the boy in a yellow shirt, showcased his deep voice as he sang without any harmonic background from his other siblings. He even nailed the falsettos!

The kids showed off their talent in a YouTube video, and the listeners absolutely adored them. People praised their angelic harmonies and did not expect those soulful voices to come from them. Most were blown by how talented they were, nailing the harmonies. 

One person commented that if only they were not afraid to be too self-conscious and if they were to feel the lyrics and music and relax, they are unstoppable. Another commenter pointed out how the little girl in stripes was excited because, at one point, she was the only one who started to dance while snapping her fingers and also the one who was smiling throughout the cover.

Listen to the fantastic harmony of the kids in the video below.


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