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April 6, 2021


April 6, 2021


April 6, 2021

Predictable style with burning skill and passion is what Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller” offers. You probably have heard the traditional country music from Eric Church and Miranda Lambert, but Stapleton gives more than the usual honky-tonk. And we’re here to tell you that he is the real deal, proving it on his song “Traveller.”

The Road With Less “Traveller”

Power-chord riffing and increasing bravado on the country star’s vocals, the song “Traveller” puts a picture of walking on a road less traveled. That’s right, this piece will creep into your mind and mess with your emotions in a good way.

Solely written and recorded by Chris Stapleton, the meaningful song made its way on the airwaves in 2015 as part of the country crooner’s debut track from his debut album of the same name. Moreover, this tune won awards on prestigious occasions but let’s get to that later.

Besides picturing yourself traveling on the road as a traveler, the song “Traveller” has a deeper meaning for Stapleton. He recalled in an interview that his main message is to do some soul-searching in the desert. In October 2013, his father passed away and at the same time had no active songs on the radio, which is a roadblock for any singer. The singer desperately wanted to do a head-clearing, so his wife Morgane bought an old jeep and road in the Phoenix, Arizona road.

While they drove through the desert, he thought about life and how all were just passing through it. Stapleton is already known as a talented songwriter. He was already humming lyrics into his phone when they’re driving. At that moment, he wrote a song worth soul-searching for.

Awards for The “Traveller” Track

Everyone loves Chris Stapleton songs on their country music playlist. You might have a first impression of a honky-tonk singer, but he begs to differ given his songs’ rough tempo and soulful lyrics. For the song “‘Traveller,” the country music artist blew everyone with its breakthrough performance.

The “Traveller” won the Best Country Solo Performance while also nominated as The Best Country Song at the 58th Grammy Awards. Over 135,000 copies were sold when it was first released in the United States, which is already a big deal for a rising country music star.

Check out Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller” song here and add it to your playlist.


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