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Dolly Parton Didn’t Mince Words Reminding A Movie Director of His Obligation After He Insulted Her

It’s been more than three decades since the comedy-drama film Steel Magnolias played on big screens across the United States. Still, the film with a stellar, female-focused cast – including big names like Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, Sally Field, and Shirley MacLaine – continues to capture the hearts and minds of movie watchers, even the new generation.

But despite its massive success, rumors about bitter arguments between the cast still flew. And the queen of country music, Dolly Parton, revealed something about the film in one interview.

Dolly Parton Putting The Movie Director In His Place

The country singer – who made her theatrical film debut in 1980 through the hit comedy 9 to 5 – revealed that Steel Magnolias’ director, Herbert Ross, was not a fan of her acting skills. In fact, he told her straight to her face that she couldn’t act. 

Parton played the role of Truvy Jones, a beauty salon owner and town gossip – whose character she admits was close enough to her real self. With that thought in mind, Parton believed she could play the part well despite her acting limits. But Ross was not taking any of it!

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She recalled Ross’ harsh demeanor in an interview at New York’s Westbury Hotel after the release of Steel Magnolias in 1989 as well as in her book Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, which was published in 1994.

But regrettably, for Ross, the country legend did not think twice about putting him in his place. She did not mince words in reminding him of his own duties and obligations. 

“That’s your job,” Parton told Ross about her acting skills. “You’re the director, and you’re supposed to help me with my acting. You hired me cause you thought I was going to make you a lot of money – now, earn it.”

Still, at the end of the film, Parton revealed that they reconciled and became friends. You can reminisce about Steel Magnolias by watching the country legend’s interview in the video below.


Dolly Parton

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