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Arden Lambert


April 6, 2021


April 6, 2021


April 6, 2021

If you’re looking for a song that speaks straight from the pain of losing someone, Chris Stapleton’s “Broken Halos” is the one you need to listen to. Stapleton has proven once again his capability of personifying emotions through this song. And the sad story behind this piece also adds to the fire on the melody.

“Broken Halos” Meaning

Chris Stapleton songs are always purposeful. The song messages are often the ones the listeners wanted to say but can’t for some reason. In 2017, his song “Broken Halos” became the lead track of his second studio album From A Room: Volume 1. But fans got to listen to this sad piece when Chris Stapleton, along with his wife Morgane, debuted this track on December 13, 2016, at Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit for the My People Fund telethon.

“Broken Halos” is a new song for everyone, but an old song for the country singer. The song’s primary purpose is to dedicate a sad and meaningful tune to the 14 people who lost their lives because of the Gatlinburg wildfires. Meanwhile, thousands not only lost their loved ones but also their homes because of the said fire.

Adding to the melancholy, the song was recorded on the day a friend of the Grammy-winner passed away from pancreatic cancer. They were at the same age and played Little League together, which swells up the pain in the song’s melody. You can hear the agony behind the booming vocals of Stapleton during his performance at the UMG’s luncheon at the Ryman Auditorium.

The country soloist isn’t the only one who had written “Broken Halos.” He sought help from Mike Henderson, who has been his songwriting partner since the late 2000s when they were members of the bluegrass group The SteelDrivers. Leafing through Keith Richards’ autobiography, Henderson came across a chapter titled “Broken Halos” and brought the idea to Stapleton. Amazingly, the pair wrote the song in only about an hour.

Chris Stapleton’s “Broken Halos” Success

The rugged piece is defined by critics as a musically multi-genre song. Having a mid-tempo country-rock sound, the music mediates people’s suffering and helps them find the road towards healing. This was noted by a Los Angeles Times reviewer. 

Chris Parton, a Rolling Stone writer, anointed “Broken Halos” as a country gospel after he listened to a live performance of Stapleton. Furthermore, Parton said that it’s a track that offers a tender reminder to keep the faith amid tragedy.

The song even won Best Country Song at the 60th Grammy Awards, plus taking home Song of the Year and Single of the Year at the 52nd Country Music Association Awards.

Listen to Chris Stapleton’s “Broken Halos” below so you can also heal your broken soul.


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