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Remembering Michael Johnson Through his Hit “Give Me Wings”

There are instances where a lot of people are afraid to fly because they don’t want to experience failure. But, failures have been a part of our lives. Sometimes, we have to fail for us to grow as a person. Moreover, failures will teach us a lesson that we will carry for a lifetime. In line with this, have you ever heard the hit of Michael Johnson called “Give Me Wings” which talks about exploring new things? If not, then you better listen to it now.

Michael Johnson, give me wings, cains blood
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Michael Johnson: The Pride of Colorado

He grew up in Denver where he spent much of his childhood days. Johnson started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen. He went to Colorado State University to study music but his attention was diverted to being an artist when he won a talent contest. Michael Johnson was signed with Epic Records when he released his first single “Hills.” To have a successful career he went on tour to attract a wider variety of audience.

Michael Johnson, Give me wings, Cains blood
Photo Credits: www.thecurrent.org

At first, the road to stardom was not easy to take because there’s a lot of rising artists during his time. Anyhow, Michael Johnson did not give up and continued to gather as many supporters as he can. Luckily, in 1957, he was able to release hit songs which helped him gain wide popularity. Some of his notable hits include “The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder,” and “Cain’s Blood.”

The Art of Accepting Change

“Give Me Wings” was penned by Kye Fleming and Don Schlitz. It was recorded by the music artist Michael Johnson. This hit was included on his second album which was released in 1986. Moreover, this song talks about not being afraid to accept new challenges in life. You might be able to relate to this hit once you get to hear it.


Michael Johnson

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