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7 Facts About Teddy Gentry That You Don’t Want To Miss

As a member of the country music trio Alabama, Teddy Wayne Gentry contributes to the songwriting process and the band’s performance by being the bassist. With his cousins, Randy Owen and Jeff Cook, the trio had reached heights that earned them the title of becoming the most successful country music artists.

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Let’s learn the facts about Teddy Gentry before, during, and after his music career debut.

1. Teddy founded the band Alabama together with his cousin.

Before the band was named Alabama, Teddy Gentry and his cousin, Randy Owen, formed and initially performed under Wild Country. When they were joined by another cousin, Jeff Cook, they changed their name to Alabama in 1977 and signed a record deal with RCA Nashville.

2. He was arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

Teddy Gentry’s name was circulating the internet and TVs as news about his arrest broke out.

On September 12, 2022, he was arrested at the Cherokee Detention Center for illegally possessing marijuana. That is because recreational marijuana is still illegal in Alabama.

Gentry was released after 30 minutes without bail. Both charges against him were misdemeanors.

3. He writes and plays songs by ear.

Among the most famous Alabama songs, Teddy Gentry showcased his songwriting talent in “My Home’s In Alabama,” “Pass It On Down,” “Falling Again,” and “How Do You Fall in Love.” 

Gentry primarily composes the melody and lyrics, but he doesn’t write or read music. He creates masterpieces, everything, by ear! Talk about sheer talent and skill.

4. He worked different jobs before becoming a full-time musician.

Like everyone says, you must work hard to reach your dream destination, whether it’s a place somewhere in the world or a dream that you genuinely want to pursue.

In Teddy’s case, he worked different jobs before pursuing his career in country music. He used to install carpets full-time, run a theater, work on a farm, and bag groceries. 

It may be hard at first, but all that hard work he did back in the day paid off because of Alabama’s awards and contribution to country music.

5. He bought his grandfather’s farm with his very first paycheck.

When Teddy got his first-ever paycheck in 1980 from RCA records, he chose to buy his grandfather’s farm. He purchased the 60-acre land and named it Bent Tree Farms, trying to rhyme the land’s name with their last name.

6. He is a very private man.

Teddy Gentry is among the musicians who chose to live their lives privately. Gentry has been happily married for over 30 years to his loving wife, Linda Gentry, along with their son, Josh Gentry, and daughter, Sally Gentry.

As much as we want to witness Teddy’s life, he is, unfortunately, inactive and not on any social media account. 

7. He has prestigious awards under his name. 

Teddy Gentry and his members have achieved numerous awards throughout their music careers. They even left a significant impact on the country music industry.

Aside from their best-selling, multiple platinum, and award-winning albums, the band Alabama was named by the ACM as Artist of the Decade in 1989. They also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

They have received a whopping 200 awards from different country music institutions.

These facts about Teddy Gentry and the band, Alabama, will leave you in awe of where talent, skill, and the right people will take you someday.

We hope you enjoyed our list of facts about Teddy Gentry! Stay tuned and follow for more of these.


Teddy Gentry

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