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Jillie Mack: 10 Interesting Facts About Tom Selleck’s Spouse

Jillie Mack became Tom Selleck’s spouse five years after Selleck’s eleven-year marriage with Jaqueline Ray ended. Both being in the entertainment industry, media attention is not alien to the couple, but with a child on the way at the time, Mack decided to step back from the limelight behind her husband. 

To get to know her better, here are 10 facts about Tom Selleck‘s spouse, Jillie Mack. 

1. She was born on Christmas day.

Jillie Mack was born on the 25th of December 1957 in England, specifically in Devizes, Wiltshire. She also holds both British and American citizenship. 

2. She’s British and Caucasian.

As with her birthplace, Mack is British, and her ethnicity is white Caucasian. 

3. She played Rumpleteazer in Cats.

Jillie Mack played Rumpleteazer in the musical Cats. In fact, the show was the avenue that brought Mack and Selleck together. Selleck watched the musical and couldn’t get his eyes off Mack. After the performance, Selleck invited Mack to dinner, and the two hit it off. 

4. She was on Magnum, P.I. with Selleck.

Displaying her love for acting, Mack also did appearances on Magnum, P.I. with Selleck. Magnum P.I. was already a hit American crime drama series at the time, and Selleck played the starring role of Thomas Magnum, a private investigator based in Hawaii. 

Mack featured in the episodes Rembrandt’s Girl as an English girl at a party in 1984, and in Professor Jonathan Higgins as Sally Ponting in 1985. 

5. She was featured in a few series.

Aside from Magnum, P.I., Mack was also featured in other series including SilverfoxTales from the Dark Side, and Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp

6. Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck got married under aliases.

Keeping personal details from the press can be quite a struggle. It was especially hard for Mack and Selleck with both being in the entertainment industry. So when it came to their wedding, the couple made sure to take extra measures to ensure they finish the ceremony undisturbed. 

Selleck and Mack got married in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at a 24-hour wedding chapel under different names. Selleck went for Tom Jenkins, while Mack decided to go for Suzie Mark. The couple even went as far as only using a polaroid camera to capture the moment. 

7. She has a daughter.

On the 16th of December 1988, Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack welcomed their daughter, Hannah Margaret Selleck to the world. Hannah is now 32 and is a professional horse rider. 

8. She chose family over career.

When Hannah was born, Mack decided to step away from show business to care for her daughter. Likewise, in the same year of Hannah’s birth, Selleck also quit Magnum, P.I. despite it still being a popular show at the time. According to Selleck, he left the show to “have a family,” and that he was trying to have balance in his life.  

9. She’s also a stepmother.

Before Selleck married Mack, he had already adopted Kevin, the son of Jaqueline Ray (Selleck’s first wife) from her previous relationship. So when Selleck and Mack tied the knot, Kevin also became part of the family with Mack being his stepmother. 

10. She values her privacy.

If there’s one thing we can get from Mack based on her wedding, it’s that she values privacy. She was a prominent actress before she backed away from show business, yet not even her fans know much about her. She’s also not active on any social media platform. 

Married since 1987, Selleck and Mack have been together for more than 30 years now, which is rare in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, from the list above, you were able to get to know Tom Selleck’s spouse, Jillie Mack, a little bit better. 


Jillie Mack, Tom Selleck

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