February 14

Miranda Lambert Dumps Salad on Woman After An Argument?

Did Miranda Lambert just do that? The country star reportedly dumped her salad on a woman after an altercation at Nashville’s Stoney River Steakhouse According to TMZ, this was apparently a response after a very heated altercation with the woman and her husband.

Miranda Lambert, salad on a woman
via Miranda Lambert’s Official Facebook Page

Miranda Lambert’s Night Out

The messy incident took place on Sunday, the 10th of February. Lambert was dining with her mother and a family friend at Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill in Music City when an older man started arguing with one of Miranda’s friends.

Miranda Lambert, salad on a woman
via Miranda Lambert’s Official Facebook Page

The older male customer apparently made negative comments about millennials to Lambert’s friend. And, the conversation escalated to the point that Lambert and the older male got into a screaming match with each other. Witnesses told TMZ that the musician was “in a fit” and actually “needed to be held back.”

The Response? Tossing the Salad on the Woman

Lambert then reportedly retaliated by targeting the wife. She walked over to the couple’s table, picked up the wife’s salad, and proceeded to dump the dish on her lap in front of everyone.

The Police were called to the restaurant, but by the time they arrived, Lambert was nowhere to be found. Two men were present, but nobody indicated that they wanted any further police action. The restaurant also indicated that they did not need further police assistance. No arrests were made.

The gossip website TMZ got video footage of the aftermath of the storm, and there are also photos all over on TMZ’s website.

Watch the clip below.


Lambert has not publicly commented on the alleged incident. Instead, her most recent post is related to her Idyllwind by Miranda Lambert Lifestyle brand.

Drama aside, she continues to focus on music. She is scheduled to perform at a few special events, including Loretta Lynn’s all-star birthday bash.


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