July 11

Band Perry Puts a Modern Spin on Glen Campbell’s GENTLE ON MY MIND

Band Perry Puts a Modern Spin on Glen Campbell’s GENTLE ON MY MIND 1
Kimberly Perry (image from Youtube)

Whenever “Band Perry” is mentioned, the sweet sound of the lead vocals, Kimberly Perry, echoes in my mind. And now, join us here at Country Daily as we cheer a loud greeting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIMBERLY!

Kimberly turns 35 today and she is still ravishing. Together with her brothers, they continue to release songs that would, later on, become theme songs for different occasions. The Band Perry is mostly remembered for their certified 6x multi-platinum track, “If I Die Young.”

The Band Perry, its genesis

The siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry started singing at the age of 8 and 10. They individually performed in different events, with different people. It was until 2005 that they finally united as “The Band Perry.” They, later on, joined in the line-up of performers for the 2005 New Faces of Country Tour.

With their distinct style as a band, Garth Brooks’ manager Bod Doyle, helped them make recordings. They topped the chart with their debut single, “Hip to my Heart,” reaching number 20 on the Billboard Hot Country chart. Their songs continue to dominate radio airwaves, and we are expecting to hear more from them.

Band Perry Puts a Modern Spin on Glen Campbell’s GENTLE ON MY MIND 2
The Band Perry (image from Youtube)

Band Perry and Glen Cambell’s “Gentle on My Mind”

The Perry siblings, equally gifted with musical talents, has a knack for putting modern touches to songs that came before their time. Their rendition of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” received laudable appreciation from music enthusiasts. They did the same excellent cover with Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on my Mind.” Though the classic was released 16 years before its eldest member, Kimberly was born, the group was able to deliver a tamer version of the song. Also, the band’s stirring, banjo-rich version was featured on Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.

Campbell won four trophies at the 1968 Grammy Awards for “Gentle on my Mind.” The song has since been covered by literally hundreds of artists including Frank Sinatra. However, the Band Perry’s is the only version that got a Grammy recognition for doing so. In fact, the band performed the song in the 2013 Grammy Awards celebration.

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