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How Darius Rucker’s “Beer and Sunshine” ‘Threw a Wrench’ Into His New Album

Darius Rucker’s “Beers and Sunshine”

Darius Rucker’s ‘Beer and Sunshine’ tops the chart this week and earns his 10th No. 1 single. Interestingly, the new hit was a feel-good track that threw a wrench to his other songs on his next album. Fans are wondering why, and the reason? Most likely because of its relevancy and unconventional recording.

‘Beer and Sunshine’ may be the first country song in history to be written and recorded via Zoom. The whole process was described as crazy by the country singer. He recalls how alongside producer Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne and J.T. Harding utilized the video conferencing software.

According to Darius in his interview with ABC News Radio, Ross was the one who initiated the whole virtual recording. The producer called his recording staff and asked them to make a set-up on their own house. They recorded the whole song via their own computer, which is a first for all of them. The country singer even went on a length to say that ‘Beer and Sunshine’ “threw a wrench” into the other songs they’re working on.

Moreover, the song also fits what the world is going through with pandemic. The frontman of Hootie and the Blowfish said that they want to make a fun and upbeat song. There are many sad songs right now, so a lighter one is always welcome to the mix.

The song has a theme of looking at the bright side of things, enjoying the present, and shutting out the negativity. Fans applaud the country superstar saying he has a gift of reassuring others it’s going to be all good. He even reminded his supporters about the joys of spending time with friends and family.

Darius Rucker‘s ‘Beer and Sunshine’ is said to be the prelude to his career’s most mature record. The country superstar is working on his forthcoming studio album after 2017’s When Was the Last Time.

You can check it out below.