December 27

“Don’t Forget To Remember Me:” A Throwback Hit from Bee Gees

All of us wants to be loved, so we patiently wait for the perfect person. Once we find true love, we need to take good care of it so that it will last. Hence, sometimes we don’t give much effort and value the person that’s why we have failed relationships. On the other hand, we easily let them go and once they’re out of our life that is the only time we realize their worth. Plus, the worst part is, it’s too late to fix everything. Sounds very sad right? But sometimes, that’s the reality of life. This was testified by the hit of Bee Gees, “Don’t Forget To Remember Me.”

The Sensational Trio

This group is composed of talented siblings who paved their way in the music industry. In addition, due to their lavish success, this group sold more than 220 million records worldwide. Also, they were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well, I’m referring to the Bee Gees, who created a name in the music industry in 1958. At first, success was hard to find for the group, not until in the early 70s when things started to turn around. Some of the hits that were popularized by the group are “To Love Somebody,” “Holiday,” and“Words.”

“Don’t Forget To Remember Me:” A Throwback Hit from Bee Gees 1
Photo Credits: Bee Gees Official Home Page

The Sensational Hit That Captured a million Hearts

A love that was lost can be one of the most heartbreaking scenarios that a person can experience. I guess, everyone has experienced this. Even the group Bee Gees portrayed this devastating scenario in one of their most famous hit “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.” Moreover, the hit was released in 1969, and it has become a massive success ever since. In addition, the song contains rich emotion of lament about a passionate burning love that was lost and gone forever.


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