June 23

Love Gone Wrong in Brantley Gilbert’s “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do”

Brantley Gilbert’s “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” enables the vocalist to show a deep vulnerability that is certain to make him a more likable singer to country music enthusiasts who may be alienated by his brand of music. The song was composed by Gilbert and Jim McCormick and was the second most popular country song on radio in 2012. 

It is among Brantley Gilbert’s songs that embodies his life. There are happy moments, and you have your favorite songs, but you also have your heartbreaking songs. According to the singer, he has a compilation of written songs about her ex (that turns out to be Brantley Gilbert’s wife) – a kind of relationship and memories that aren’t easy to forget. So, the song was actually about being upfront about that circumstance. And the singer knew for certain what he liked and needed to tell regarding what he truly feels inside. 

The song’s music video presents fans with a closer look at Gilbert’s life while on tour. The video features the singer playing the song at a concert. It also highlights him giving autographs in a radio interview and appearing sad while sitting in a chair against a blue backlit screen, as he connects to every verse of the song. 

You Don’t Know Her Like I Do by Brantley Gilbert was released in December 2011 as the second single from the re-release of his 2010 album Halfway to Heaven. It premiered at #52 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the #1 spot in July 2012. 

Check the music video of Brantley Gilbert’s “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” below. Feel the pain while being mesmerized by his voice.


Brantley Gilbert

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