February 13

The Secret Behind the Meaning of the Iconic Gospel Song “It Is No Secret”

Gospel music has always played a significant role in many listeners’ lives, particularly those who are deeply devout. “It is No Secret” is perhaps among the most recognizable and illustrious gospel tunes ever released.

Several well-known figures in the business made the song’s original versions available for distribution. According to reports, Stuart Hamblen was the writer and singer of the song’s original version. In 1951, Stuart released the music on the Columbia label. And even then, it has maintained its legendary status and won the hearts of countless listeners.

Stuart Hamblen’s version was ranked as the 30th best-selling country song of 1951 and climbed as high as No. 8 on the country disc jockey chart. In addition, many people have also enjoyed the renditions of artists such as Jimmy Fortune, Bill Kenny, and Elvis Presley, who, included his version of the song on his Elvis Christmas Album.

Meaning Behind the Song 

Every songwriter has had the unique experience of crafting a song. And as the proverb goes, some masterpieces are created in the most unlikely settings. According to reports, Stuart Hamblen wrote the song “It is no secret” in a single evening, just after midnight, after discussing how individuals might handle their own difficulties with one of his friends.

Stuart Hamblen then answers that question by stating that it’s no secret what God has done for us. To atone for our crimes, God gave his own life as a sacrifice. That said, right after he said those words, the idea of writing a song about God’s sacrifices immediately struck him.

So, if you want to listen to a song that will remind you of God’s true divine power, then “It is no Secret” by Stuart Hamblen is the right song for you. You can listen to the music now below. 


Stuart Hamblen

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