June 11

Fans Are Mad About Taylor Swift’s CMT Awards Win, Telling Her She’s No Longer Country

The entire Swift family are celebrating at the moment as Taylor Swift earned herself the award for Best Family Feature during the 2021 CMT Music Awards – thanks to her re-release song “The Best Day” and the following music video where you’ll get to see Swift’s real home movie footage.

Released in April, the lyric video came with a sappy montage of some never-before-seen photos of the Swifts. In fact, one clip focused on Taylor Swift and her mother Andrea Swift, as they were cuddling in bed, savoring some ice cream, decorating a gingerbread house, and watching the fireworks.

While some fans were moved and impressed, calling it one of the best country songs for moms, other social media users didn’t seem to be impressed! 

Well, they are taking the issue because Swift is presently being considered a pop music performer, far from being a country star.

One country music fan vented on Twitter, saying she’s tired of seeing the singer as she’s no country, further accusing Swift of only being country whenever she wants to be. “Real true country artists were robbed,” the fan wrote.

Another fan ranted of how Swift has made it known that she was proud to be leaving the country genre, cruising through stardom as a pop star.

Still, Swift has a number of loyal fans who took troubles just to highlight that the singer had come back to her roots, writing that “She’s an artist. She can make alternative, pop, urban, and country songs. It’s called being versatile.”


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