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May 24, 2019

Jessi Colter’s Life

Jessi Colter born as Miriam Johnson was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Her parents were a preacher and a car-race driver. At an early age, she was already playing piano in their church. In her high school year, she began singing in clubs. She got married to Duane Eddy and had a child named Jennifer.

She had two singles with Jamie records. Her first single was known to other US markets but did not enter into a national chart while her second single failed to enter even one regional airplay. Because of that, she stopped recording songs.

Jessi Colter Life
Photo Credit: Jessi Colter/ by Screengrab

In 1968, she got divorced with Duane Eddy, the guitarist. Furthermore, she met a country artist, Waylon Jennings. He helped her enter into RCA records. She then signed a contract with them.

Furthermore, Miriam married Waylon Jennings and had one son named Waylon Albright “Shooter” Jennings.

Colter’s Music Career

Jessi Colter Hit Songs
Photo Credit: Jessi Colter/ by Screengrab

In 1970, Miriam changed her name to Jessie Colter. Jessi came from his great grandfather’s name Jesse while Colter has been adopted as her stage name. She recorded a song together with her husband and it entered into the country charts. However, she released only one album with RCA but it did not become a success. That is why she left RCA.

In 1975, she signed a contract with Capitol Records. She then released numerous songs with them. As she entered the world of country music, blessings kept on coming for her career. When her career declined and chose to take care of her husband who was suffering from a disease. However, in 2002, her husband passed away. Four years after her husband died, she returned to the music industry and began recording songs again.

Her accomplishments

Jessie Colter is the only female Country artist who entered the mid 70’s outlaw songs. She is one great superstar having 11 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 26 hit singles and gained numerous charted songs.

Here are some of her greatest hit singles.

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Jessi Colter



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