June 27

Matt Williams’ “Simple Southern Life” will Definitely Make You Swoon

Let Matt Williams capture your hearts with a slowed down piano version of his song called “Simple Southern Life.”

Matt Williams, Matt, Williams, Simple Southern Life, Southern Life, Life
via Matt Williams’ Official Facebook Page

Matt Williams’ “Simple Southern Life”

Just before 2019 broke out, Williams released his song “Simple Southern Life” on the piano right onto his social media pages and again we are reminded of his talent and ability to be raw and vulnerable with his lyrics.

Matt Williams, Matt, Williams, Simple Southern Life, Southern Life, Life
via Matt Williams’ Official Facebook Page

“Simple Southern Life” tells the story of a simple man and his story of love, life, and how he shares that with the love of his life.

Take a listen here!

The country crooner is a proud Army Veteran who served for more than 8 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a father, and now an up and coming country singer.

Music has always been a part of his life, and it felt like a natural progression for him to transition to it. His grandfather was a preacher in Alabama and he was part of a gospel group that Williams sang with as a youth. He had been inclined to music early on in his life.

He also found healing in music when he went back from his service.

“Music to me tells a story. My whole purpose is to tell a story and let the fans relate to it. The more truthful and honest you are about your life — no matter what it is, good or bad — the fans relate to it, they love it and in turn, they like who you are as an artist.”

Currently, Williams will have his album coming out entitled Taking Chances.

Taking Chances is expected to have 13 tracks, which would include the latest single “Rain Down Sunshine.” The tracks that are on the album include “Sledgehammer,” “Too Used,” and “Want to Be a Star.”

Matt Williams, Matt, Williams, Rain Down Sunshine, Sunshine, Taking Chances, Taking, Chances
via Matt Williams’ Official Facebook Page

“Rain Down Sunshine” is the first single to come out of the album that will be released this 4th of July. The song highlights the raw and deep voice of Williams, backed with an upbeat track perfect for springtime.

Williams’ Taking Chances is available for pre-order on iTunes and on Amazon.


Matt Williams

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