December 7

Listeners Find Peace in Elvis Presley’s Song “Peace in the Valley”

The “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley, released a religious song called “Peace in the Valley” in 1957. However, the words of the masterpiece were not written by the legend himself. The exquisitely crafted song was originally written by Thomas A. Dorsey and was initially intended for Mahalia Jackson.

The song is about clinging to hope while things are tough. And the Bible serves as a testament to this optimism. Those who are feeling down will find immense comfort in “Peace in the Valley,” and those who have a religious bent will have their convictions reinforced.

It is generally known that Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis Presley was born and raised, was a major American hub for gospel music in the 1950s. As a result, he was really exposed to gospel music while growing up. Perhaps for that reason, he chose to create a cover for the well-known song “Peace in the Valley.” And his Rendition served as a catalyst for a crucial historical context.

As a tribute to the 250,000 refugees fleeing Hungary, Presley played the song at his third and last appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Following the event, the families in Vienna and London shared a total of US$49.5 million of the show’s earnings. Which clearly demonstrates Elvis’s genuine compassion for those in need.

Aside from the fact that the song was capable of helping several people, it also peaked at no 3 on the Billboard EP list, no 3 on the album chart, and no 39 on the singles chart, all of which were short-lived. Despite this, the song was still considered to be one of Elvis Presley’s greatest songs. 

Eddie Clendening, who played Elvis Presley, also sang “Peace in the Valley” in the Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet, which debuted in New York in April 2010. 

So, if you’re looking for a piece of peaceful music to encourage and empower you to overcome life’s obstacles, therefore, Elvis Presley’s “Peace in the Valley” is a must-listen. Click here to listen to it right now.


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