August 24

‘Get Gone’ is the Perfect Escape Plan for SixForty1

Being stuck inside the house for a lengthy period is undeniably sickening, and you probably wish for everything to get back to normal so we can drop all of our quarantine anxieties and get gone.

SixForty1 recently released their latest single ‘Get Gone’ and it aims to help us all escape temporarily from the harsh reality of today. It also makes us  eager to get back on the wheels, which is probably the greatest breather for all country folks out there. 

Getting Back to their Roots

SixForty1 said that being in quarantine helped them really come up with a single message to write their song with, and ideas just flowed smoothly; to escape quarantine.

‘Get Gone’ is a follow up single for their latest track ‘Forget those Heels, and ‘Somebody’s Gonna’ released early in 2020.

The duo explained that aside from writing ‘Get Gone,’ one of the greatest challenges they faced is that they just recently become an independent artist group. The first thing they did is to actually get back to their roots by getting acquainted with renowned country artists and soaking in country music. Finally able to release a track which holds up to the standard of the country genre felt amazing but at the same time gives them a chill on the spine. 

Doubtless, their song is of a great caliber considering that it was written in an ordinary quarantine day like those breezy afternoon scenes we see often in the movies.

A One-Track Mind

With a one-track mind shared by two people, the song is easy as pie. SixForty1 packed em’ all in by getting inspiration from their country roots and freely releasing their country vibes in their songwriting process. The duo hoped that ‘Get Gone’ will help you deal with all the negativism as we wander around the unknowns of the world dominated by the virus. 

Keep your sights on SixForty1 as they are yet to release their new album as an independent group. Bring also their older songs like ‘Next Kiss’ and ‘Plane Crazy’ and let’s  hit the road to shake out that virus with a positive attitude.



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