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Check Out These Amy Grant Songs That Touched So Many Hearts

Renowned singer-songwriter Amy Grant came to have an impressive and exceptional career, finding her home in Christian music while singing harmony, hope, optimism, and love all through her musical masterpieces. Amy Grant songs definitely resonated with fans, inspiring courage and strength to their listeners.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of her best hits through the years.

1. “Takes a Little Time”

From: Behind the Eyes (1997)

In 1997, Amy Grant released Behind the Eyes amidst her turbulent personal life, with her marriage to fellow Christian singer-songwriter Gary Chapman was on the verge of collapsing. Still, the album reflects positivity and hopefulness for a better future, and it is evident in the hit song “Takes a Little Time.”

2. “Better Than a Hallelujah”

From: Somewhere Down The Road (2010)

“Better Than a Hallelujah” was Grant’s first new radio single after seven years. The singer admitted that the song resonated strongly with her as she dealt with the pain of losing her long time-friend, recording artist Ruth McGinnis, who died of ovarian cancer.

3. “Baby Baby”

From: Heart In Motion (1991)

“Baby Baby” is actually Grant’s first big secular hit as a solo artist – which she dedicates to her daughter Millie. According to Grant, she had a hard time writing romantic-sounding lyrics. But when she looked at Millie, who was only six weeks old at the time, she said to herself: “Oh, baby, baby.” 

That special moment helped her to complete the song in just about ten minutes.

4. “That’s What Love Is For”

From: Heart in Motion (1991)

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Grant joined forces with three-time Grammy-Award winner Michael Omartian and two-time winner of ASCAP Pop Awards Mark Mueller for a song that’s easy to sing along to and really get into. So, it was no longer a surprise when it topped the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and was No. 1 for three weeks. It also peaked No. 7 on Billboard Hot 100.

5. “Every Heartbeat”

From: Heart in Motion (1991)

Isn’t it incredible how people meet and get together? But what’s even more incredible is how some people stay together. This is what this song is all about! It resonated with its listeners so much that it managed to reach No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100.

6. “I Need a Silent Night”

From: The Christmas Collection (2008)

Co-written by Grant with Chris Eaton, whom she had earlier worked together on several other occasions, “I Need a Silent Night” is a song that talks about “how crazy Christmas has become” – and the chorus is Grant and Eaton’s response to that.

7. “Find a Way”

From: Unguarded (1985)

When Grant changed directions to widen her fan base, she surprised everyone with “Find a Way,” her first non-Christmas Christian song to hit the Billboard Top 40 list. It also reached No. 7 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The inspirational song finds Grant encouraging young women to persevere and stay positive despite life’s trials.

8. “Faithless Heart”

From: Lead Me On (1988)

Though it caused eyebrows to rise when it was released in 1988, it has gained widespread critical admiration and is nowadays often touted as a courageous masterpiece. The very personal song details Grant’s fears and suspicions about her marriage with then-husband Gary Chapman.

9. “Everywhere I Go”

From: Unguarded (1985)

Grant calls “Everywhere I Go” “my own version of Psalm 139,” wherein she praises God for His constant presence in her life. The song was released to both Christian and mainstream pop radio; unfortunately, it did not perform quite as well on the mainstream charts.

10. “Lead Me On”

From: Lead Me On (1988)

Grant admitted that she was captivated the first time she heard this fiery song. According to the singer, “Lead Me On” deals theoretically with repression and the Holocaust.

11. “Big Yellow Taxi”

From: House of Love (1994)

Originally recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell in 1970, Amy Grant brought her version to pop and adult contemporary radio in the United States and the United Kingdom two decades and a half later.

12. “Thy Word”

From: Straight Ahead (1984)

The worshipful hymn was from Grant’s first Christian set ever to chart on the Billboard pop chart. It was based on Psalm 119:105.

13. “What Is The Chance Of That”

From: Somewhere Down The Road (2010)

Grant originally recorded “What Is The Chance Of That” in the 1990s during the looming end of her marriage. She admitted that the song wasn’t released at that time as it was too personal that she needed some time to listen to it again.

14. “Unafraid”

From: Somewhere Down The Road (2010)

“Unafraid” was a favorite at the singer’s live shows even before it was released. Grant actually dedicates the poignant ballad to her mother, who has been her source of wisdom.

15. “Our Time Is Now”

From: How Mercy Looks From Here (2013)

Grant collaborated with one of her musical heroes, Carole King, for this energetic song which is about living life to the fullest.

Here Are More of Amy Grant Songs That Truly Expanded Her Fan Base 

Indeed, Grant has become among the biggest names in the industry, with her tremendous rise in the Christian pop scene. Here are some more of her songs that you should know.

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  • “I Will Remember You”
  • “Lucky One”
  • “God Is With Us”
  • “Good For Me”
  • “House of Love” (w/ Vince Gill)
  • “Simple Things”
  • “Like I Love You”
  • “Stay for Awhile”
  • “Don’t Try So Hard” 
  • “The Things We Do for Love”

How about you? Which among these Amy Grant songs has touched your heart the most?


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