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A Poignant and Redemptive Song, “Better than a Hallelujah”

A Poignant and Redemptive Song, "Better than a Hallelujah" 1
Amy Grant | Photo credit: Youtube

“Better than a Hallelujah” became the first single of Amy Grant in 2010 since her 2003 release, “Simple Things.” This cut was included on her album Somewhere Down the Road. Penned by songwriters Chapin Hartford and Sarah Hart, the song emits a lot of emotions but it’s liberating at the same time. Grant admitted how the tune strongly resonated with her. At the time she recorded the song, she’s dealing with the painful death of her long-time friend and musician, Ruth McGinnis.  Here’s what the singer said about “Better than a Hallelujah,”

“The song is just so poignant and redemptive. In the lyric, there is no religious code or lingo going on and the message is true, it’s good news. I love every scenario it’s painting.”

Taking those words from the singer, it can be concluded that it’s a perfect comfort song for everyone regardless of their status in life. The words are pure and they tell so much of what makes life beautiful. The depiction of human’s fragility being better than a hallelujah sometimes are quite genuine. And just like what Grant mentioned during an interview with CNN,

“The idea is you don’t have to get all cleaned up to talk to God. And it such a great, honest, poignant song.”

Additional Facts of the Song

The release of “Better than a Hallelujah” as a digital MP3 single in 2010 was part of the campaign to promote Grant’s album Somewhere Down the Road. When it was released to radio for airplay, it reached No. 8 on the Christian chart earning Grant an instant Top 10 gospel hit. The following year, the song received nominations from Grammy and Golden Dove Awards. The Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Song was for the songwriters, Hart and Hartford, which they failed to bring home. On the other hand, the song was nominated for Short Form Music Video of the Year at the 42nd GMA Dove Awards.

Meanwhile, the production of the song was a collaborative effort among various artists and producers. The team comprised of famous producer Dan Muckala who steered songs on MercyMe‘s album, Leona Lewis, American gospel CeCe Winans, and the vocal group Backstreet Boys. To promote further the song, a music video for it was created. The music video exhibits an equally touching storyline. What the music video for Amy Grant’s “Better than a Hallelujah” below.

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