October 18

Find Your Way Towards The Lord in Jim Reeves’ Gospel Song, “Oh, Gentle Shepherd”

Country and Nashville sound singer, Jim Reeves, who was also known to have popularized many gospel songs, released “Oh, Gentle Shepherd” in 1962 under his album We Thank Thee. The beautiful song was written by Cindy Walker, and it’s a great song to listen to if you ever feel lost in life and you want to strengthen your faith in Him.

Finding Your Way Towards Him

Are you truly a human if you haven’t felt lost at least once in your life? Possibly not because that’s only a natural thing to experience – to feel a sense of uncertainty, wondering what it is that you should be doing or where you should be going. But worry not as you’ll surely, eventually, find your way in life, especially if you seek guidance in Him, as illustrated in Jim Reeves‘ “Oh, Gentle Shepherd.”

“Oh, Gentle Shepherd” is a short but wonderfully written song, packed with such inspiring lyrics, amazing vocals, and a calming melody. The song centers on a person who feels lost and is seeking guidance, much like a lamb that has strayed away from the fold. The narrator of the song asks the “gentle shepherd” to “hear his cry,” “lead him home,” and “save his soul,” and it then rightfully ends with the narrator declaring that he’ll be “safe forevermore” with the gentle shepherd guiding him.

The song teaches us that even in our darkest times, the Lord will still be with us, for His love knows no limits. He will never let us suffer alone for as long as we put into our mind that there is an everloving God that is ready to help us – all we have to do is to find our way towards Him. If you feel that “Oh, Gentle Shepherd” touched your heart and inspired you, go listen to other Jim Reeves songs, as this is only one of the many beautiful ones.

Find your way towards Him by listening to “Oh, Gentle Shepherd” by Jim Reeves in the video below.


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